Grab The Auto 5 Mod

If you wish to explore the underworld and take part in virtual criminal activities by running a dangerous and powerful gang in the whole area then the Grab The Auto 5 Mod Apk is the game that you should pick. This game is the best of crime action games where a whole open world awaits you.

Game Overview

Grab The Auto 5 Mod Apk

Grab The Auto 5 Mod Apk

This game is an adrenaline-pumping game that takes you on a wild ride through the criminal underworld of high-speed car thefts, fights with different gangs, and dealing with the police to gain control of the city.

In this game, your character comes to a city with the dream of controlling the entire underworld. You have to start small by working for different gangs. You will be given certain missions to take part in.

As you progress, your name will become famous and big bosses will hire you for their jobs. Once you have power and money, you can take down any of these bosses and gain control of the city that you always wanted.

Additional Information

Version latest
Required Android 4.4 and up
Size 48 MB
Ratings 4+
Downloads 49000+
Updated on 21 January 2023
Category Games
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Grab The Auto 5 Gameplay

Grab The Auto 5 Mod Apk

Grab The Auto 5 Mod Apk

The game comes with fast-paced action. Stunning graphics of the Grab The Auto 5 Mod Apk are here to take your breath away. Military-level high-tech weapons will be at your disposal. Vehicles of all sorts are there to be stolen. And last but not the least, a huge open-world city is waiting to be explored by a player like you.

You have missions to complete but apart from these terrific missions, you can play the game freely as you like. You can roam around and visit different locations. You can rob anyone for money or do small jobs like becoming a taxi driver or a bus driver. You can also drive an ambulance and earn money.

Grab The Auto 5 Features

Grab The Auto 5

Grab The Auto 5

This is a feature-rich game with plenty of highlights to talk about. So infer the below section if you want to know more about this game.

A Huge Open World City

This game is set in a sprawling open-world city, where you take on the role of a skilled criminal looking to make a name for yourself in the criminal underworld. The city is so huge with a lot of activities to do and places to go. Cafes, showrooms, gun shops, clubs, beaches, and many other places are there to be explored.

Complete The Story Missions

The gameplay of the Grab The Auto Mod Apk revolves around completing a variety of missions. These missions may include stealing specific cars, outrunning the police, killing some underworld bosses, doing sniper shooting, and many other story-related missions that will progress you to the next stages of the game.

Steal And Drive Cars

One of the standout features game is the wide variety of vehicles that players can steal and drive. From sleek sports cars to powerful muscle cars and even helicopters, the game offers a diverse range of vehicles to choose from, each with its unique handling and performance characteristics.

Realistic Environment And Sounds

In this game, you get a beautifully rendered open-world city with a realistic environment. The changing dynamic weather effects are a treat for the players. Moreover, you get realistic sounds of the things around you such as cars, people working and the sound of high-speed engines roaring and police sirens blaring. All these things add a sense of realism to the game.


This exciting and thrilling game is here to appeal to the fans of fast-paced action crime games for sure. With a wide variety of vehicles and missions, intuitive controls, and impressive graphics and sound design, the Grab The Auto 5 Mod Apk will keep you entertained for hours.