Grand Action Simulator Mod

Get ready to dive into the world of crime with the action-packed game, the Grand Action Simulator Mod Apk. The game is a never-ending game of crime. You have to fight with gangs, evade the police, and do anything to cause chaos in the city. So if you are an action crime games lover, this is the exact right game for you to play.

Game Overview

Grand Action Simulator Mod Apk

Grand Action Simulator Mod Apk

This game is based in New York City and it is an open-world game with all the elements of crime action thriller preserved in it. You are a gangster who wants to be the boss of everyone. All you have to do is o go out and destroy.

Different interesting missions are waiting for you in this game all of which are associated with the underworld and mafia. And where the mafia comes it is evident that there are different gangster groups involved.

You will be working for one of the groups and all the other parties are your deadly enemies. So by making foolproof plans and eliminating them you can rise to the top of the underworld.

But things will get ugly as you rise to the top. This is because many gangster groups from China, Russia, Japan, etc will come together to dethrone you from your thrown of the underworld. So get ready for this dangerous task.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.0 and up
Downloads 50,000,000+
Size 123 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 9 December 2022
Category Games
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Grand Action Simulator Gameplay

Grand Action Simulator

Grand Action Simulator

We all grew up playing open-world action crime games. And the most common game is the GTA series. So this game is not different from all of those games. The only thing that the Grand Action Simulator Mod Apk brings to the part is the advanced level of missions and different modern and tech-savvy vehicles and weapons.

You have to ride a bike or a car or even a monster truck to cause chaos. Crushing and hitting any car that comes your way is your job. Killing people as a part of your gangster missions will be your priority in this game. And on top of that, how you deal with the cops is another debate to do.

Grand Action Simulator Features

Grand Action Simulator

Grand Action Simulator

Below are some of the features of the Grand Action Simulator Mod Apk that it brings for its players. So have a look at them.

Steal Cars And Trucks

As this is a crime action game so there are lots and lots of cars available. Not only sports cars but also there are many monster trucks and off-road vehicles available that you can drive. So the best way to own them here in the game is to steal them from the owners.

Go Off-Roading

As there are many different types of off-road vehicles available so it is a good thing if you take them and race against different players. You can customize and upgrade your vehicles to make them compete in different racing tournaments.

Fight With Mafia Bosses

As you already know that you want to become the boss of the underworld in this game so you have to deal with different gangs and to defeat different gangs you are required to defeat and kill their bosses. So are you up for this challenge?

Explore The Open World City

This game has endless possibilities and places to go. So when you are not doing any missions or any challenge you can take your car, and your skateboard and go on to explore the city by yourself without any limitations.


If you want to pass your time thrillingly and you are keen enough to complete all the challenges and tasks related to the underworld, then this Grand Action Simulator Mod Apk is the game that you need to download right now. So hit the download button ad enjoy.