Highway Drifter Mod

Drifting is a whole lot of different sports. Many people intend to drift but not all are made to do that. It requires skill to precision. So if you want to learn how to drift your cars and want to try drifting by yourself then the Highway Drifter Mod Apk will help you in this cause.

Game Overview

Highway Drifter Mod Apk

Highway Drifter Mod Apk

The Highway Drifter is a car drifting game as seen from the name of it but it doesn’t mean that the game only has the highways as the tracks for you to drift in. Rather the game features tons of different areas and locations for you where you drift your cars.

The game comes with two different sorts of game modes. The offline game mode takes you on the single-play journey of being a drifter. Here you get no opponent to race against. It is just you and your car and nothing else. You just take your car on the track and drift. The more your drift the more points you get.

But this drifting is not random in the game. You get different tasks and challenges that you need to accomplish and all are related to cars and drifting. So why not give it a try and download and play this amazing Highway Drifter Mod Apk?

Additional Information

Requires Android
8.0 and up
Downloads 10,000,000+
Size 312M
Ratings 4+
Updated on 9 November 2022
Category Games
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Highway Drifter Gameplay

Highway Drifter Mod Apk

Highway Drifter Mod Apk

The Highway Drifter Mod Apk is a game that everyone can play due to its compatibility with low-end devices too. But the graphics of the game are on another level.

The detailing of the cars is what you won’t be seeing in most of the high-end games too. So good graphics with tons of vehicles to choose from, this Highway Drifter game will give you the enjoyment of your life. With easy controls and well-designed realistic car mechanics, you won’t regret playing this game on your mobile Android devices.


Highway Drifter

Highway Drifter

When a game comes, it is evident that we will discuss its features too. So below are some of the amazing features on offer from the Highway Drifter Mod Apk.

Plenty Of Drifting Vehicles

The game does not limit itself and its players with some low-end limited cars. Here you will get some of the most luxurious and expensive cars to deal with. Every sort of vehicle is available for you people here in this game. The more cars you have the more options you get while driving on different parts of the game.

Different Tracks Different Cars

In this game, not every car can be driven off the same road. Different tracks require you to have a different sort of car. So with plenty of options to choose from, you can always choose a different vehicle for a different track.

Race Against Time

In the offline game mode, you are your own competition. No one I racing against you. You are given a drifting challenge here and you need to complete it. So plenty of challenges await you in the game.

Race With Real Players

If you want someone to race against then you will get that. The Highway Drifter has an online game mode where it matches you with the same game-level players so that you can easily race against some real layers from all across the world. Just bring your best car to the race and if you want more points at the end of every race then don’t forget to do stunts while racing on the track.

What’s New?

  • Updated to the latest version 4.2.30
  • Real drifting environment
  • Bug fixed.

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The Highway Drifter Mod Apk is a game that will allow you to drive if you don’t even know the spelling of drifting. Plenty of cars with different racing tracks and tons of challenges for you, this game is knocking on your door so you can download it. So don’t wait and download the game in the first place.