Idle Military Mod

The Idle Military Mod Apk is a game where players will find themselves in realistic idle styled army battles.  Here you as a payer have to train your troops and take them to the battle zones to liberate and capture different lands from the evil forces.

Game Overview

Idle Military Mod Apk

Idle Military Mod Apk

The Idle Military Mod Apk is an idle-style simulation game. Here in this game, you have to make an army basecamp in which you will recruit different troops and give them training in fighting and teach them different war strategies.

You have to train your army in all aspects. There will be different sorts of battles that you will take part in. These can be chemical wars with the most advanced chemical weapons or you can find yourself in deep inches of snow and indulge yourself in arctic fights.

Modes and fights are endless so you have to be ready at any time you can be called to fight by the game. For this purpose, your base will serve as a training area for your men.

This training area is expandable and also upgradable. You can buy different weapons for your army and also increase the facilities like gyms, playing areas, and food areas for your army to be happier in the Idle Military Mod Apk.

Additional Information

Version 4.0.0
Size 62.37 Mb
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Price Free
Updated on 2 June 2022
Category Games
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Idle Military Gameplay

Idle Military Mod Apk

Idle Military Mod Apk

The game being an Idle game requires a small effort by you. In this Idle Military Mod Apk, you just have to make the strategies and give commands by clicking some buttons. Apart from the instructions and strategies, you don’t have to fight by yourself as that part of the game will be carried out automatically.

Here you just have to interfere in the fights when needed. Your main task in this idle game will be to train the army and make the best policies and strategies required to liberate most of the land available.

Idle Military Features

The features of the Idle Military Mod Apk mentioned below will let you know more about the game. So have a look at them.

Carry The Obstacle Course

The obstacle course will train your army’s endurance, agility, strength, and power. So you have to train your every troop using this course in the army base camp that you will make. This will strengthen your army.

Acquire Troops

The more you play and the more advanced your army base camo is the more attraction you can put to gather more troops. Later in the game after completing certain levels, you can unlock many advanced troops that will help you un capturing more lands.

Different War Zone Trainings

Your army base camp will be divided into many training areas. Each training area has a special focus on a different type of war it is related to. For instance, you have a jungle type of training area for the jungle wars and you have a separate training area for chemical warfare. The same is the case for arctic warfare.

Different Warfares

You have to train your army for different types of wars. Because the game is not stuck to only one type of war. Here you will get a chemical war, an arctic war, a jungle war, urban war, Naval warfare, heavy explosive war, an air force war, etc.

Weapons And Upgrades

As mentioned above, you will have to fight in different wars. So you will need different weapons for these different types of wars. You can have anything from chemical weapons to high-tech explosives. And most interestingly you can upgrade these weapons to use their full powers.


The Idle Military Mod Apk is a great game if you want to pass your free time without putting in too much effort. So don’t wait and download this offline military idle warfare game.