Landlord Go Mod

The Landlord Go Mod Apk is a property dealing game that works on augmented reality and presents you with locations based on your GPS. So if you are someone who doesn’t want to share their location, this game is not for you. Rest you can enjoy a lot while dealing in real properties from all around the world. Note in our hack version you will get unlimited money for free.

Game Overview

Landlord Go Mod Apk

Landlord Go Mod Apk

The Landlord Go Mod Apk is a great game of property dealing. It is a simulation game that captures your GPS locations and then fetches the data in real-time and presents your real location from all across the world.

The reason behind wanting to know your location is that, after knowing the geo-location, the game will then present you will all of the real properties around you.

This means that you can deal in real properties and can buy the ones in your neighborhood. The AR module of the game makes this easy for everyone to look into the properties in more detail.

Apart from buying the properties in your neighborhood, you can also buy properties in your country’s other cities of well.

What is more interesting about the Landlord Go Mod Apk, is that you can buy great landmarks of the world. Be it the Eifel tower or the taj mahal or even the Burj Khalifa, you can have them all with your game money.

Additional Inforamtion

Requires Android
6.0 and up
Downloads 1,000,000+
Size 109MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 15 August 2022
Category Games
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Landlord Go Gameplay

Landlord Go Mod Apk

Landlord Go Mod Apk

The Landlord Go Mod Apk is a game that will teach you in and outs of the property dealing business. From the buying and selling of the properties to renting them, everything this possible for you here.

All you need is to work smartly and invest in those properties that can make the most profit for you. This is only possible when you learn about all these things and believe me you will fail many times here in the game, but no need to worry as there is nothing to deal with real cash here. So failing also means learning with no damage to you.

Landlord Go Features

Landlord Go

Landlord Go

Let’s discuss some of the features of the Landlord Go Mod Apk.

Invest In Real Properties

The game allows you to invest in real properties of the world. Anything that you see in real life in terms of real estate, you can go and invest in that property in the game. Buy it from the game if that is not bought already by any player and if it is owned by someone, buy from them.

Rent Out The Properties

All of the properties in the game can either be bought or sold or can be given for rent to other people. The money from the rent will make your bank balance explode. So invest in some real profit-making properties.

Real Landmarks

Due to the Geolocation and AR features of the game, you can acquire some of the great landmarks of the world, if you have money to buy them. Believe me, they are expensive but they can make you a great amount of money that you have never thought of.

Bid On Properties

If a certain property that you want has been owned by another person, you can always approach them and bid on it. Put your price and try to win that property for yourself.

Put Properties For Auction

If you want to sell a property of your own, you can put it for auction so that other interested parties can bid on it. The highest bidder will always be the winner and you can earn some money out of it and use it to buy and invest in other properties.


If you want to learn real estate, then this game will help you a lot in doing that. Just download the Landlord Go Mod Apk and follow the instructions and practice your skills and be a professional property dealer in the game and as well as in real life.