Ninja Saga Mod

If you love Ninja warriors and their moves and always love and wished to try it out the Ninja Saga Mod Apk will help you do so.

Ninja Saga Mod Apk

Ninja Saga Mod Apk

This 2D game looks so compact but the tools and features it has made it worth downloading. It is based on the Ninja tricks and tactics all you have to do is to shoot the apples which will be moving on the screen with high speed.

You have to shoot down those apples with a knife your character will have in his hands. But be more careful while doing so as there will be so many dangerous obstacles hovering around. Once in touching those obstacles your game will exist and you will be asked to restart it.

Additional Information

Name Ninja Saga
Ratings 2.6
Size 4.7 MB
Total Downloads 500+
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19 February 2022
Category Games
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Ninja Character

Ninja Saga

Ninja Saga

As mentioned the game is based on the Ninja character that will be dressed up like a ninja warrior and will be throwing knives on the apple. Once the apple is touched it will be cut down into pieces thus adding your scores.

Apple will be hovering among dangerous sharp obstacles and you have to make your knife safe from touching those obstacles.

As if you will do it so your game will be exit without giving you another chance and you will be asked to replay your game from the start.


The theme of this Ninja Saga Mod Apk gives the effect of any Ninja warrior cartoonist effect movie, as it will contain Ninja warrior and he will be showing his moves once you will touch on the screen.

Also with every shot, the background sound effects will make this game more fun as Ninja warrior will scream like any Ninja master.


Once every touch your knife with apple your scores will be added by 1, every score will be visible live at the top of the screen.

Also on scoring high scores, your scores will be displayed over there and you will be asked to defeat your own made high scores.


Once your knife will touch the obstacles the game will be exit ad you will be asked to start it again. Without any chance, your score will be erased and will be set as zero again and you will have to score again.


On every side of the screen, there will be a black solid object to catch up with your Ninja character, once you will shot the apple your character will be moved towards the upside of the screen on the second shot it will come back to its original position.

Simple Theme

As this game provides just restricted tools and features but still it is quite fun to play this game. Being based on the simple idea it will not give any tough time to any of the players to learn the basic tactics of the games.


Although developers didn’t make this game as any high-end game and it has the simplest theme and idea ever but still it shows no privacy concern. As it will be played offline and will not ask you for any registration.


Ninja Saga Mod Apk is no doubt the best and simple game ever designed for mobile devices. It is quite understandable and quite catchy to play this game on any small device.

Being compact it is also worthy to install it for those android devices which have an android operating system less than 4 as it is compatible with smaller devices too.