Ninja Village Mod

Get into the Japanese war where one of the old and powerful leaders of Japan has lost his powers so created a chaotic situation in the city.

Ninja Village Mod Apk

Ninja Village Mod Apk

Ninja Village Mod Apk is about saving your village from that chaotic situation created by Shogun who was once powerful. To get his powers back he will harm the village and people living there.

Your task will be to protect your people along with your village by watching Shogun all activities charge your army everywhere and spread them throughout the village to make it safe from Shogun.

So you can hire more army people right from your village, select young boys of your village, and command them to protect their families along with the village.

This game will surely give you quite an impressive interface and looks more like a mine craft game you can check through each area of the village with a map.

Additional Information

Name Ninja Village
Ratings 4.5
Size 29 MB
Total Downloads 50 K+
Updated on 4 May 2022
Offered by KairosoftCo.Ltd
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Ninja Village Mod Apk

Ninja Village Mod Apk

Ninja’s Village

The village you will be living in will be full of ninjas but they won’t be able to take any decision on their own they will be watching for you to come and rescue them from a chaotic situation.

So command them and ask them to recruit first before getting into the fight, the entire village will be waiting for your commands.

Command Wisely

Once after recruiting the ninjas command wisely as each command will put a direct impact on the result of the fight. Command them wisely to make Shogun defeated.

Ninjas will be good at fighting but will be unaware of fight tactics you as the leader of Ninjas army will be supposed to have full command over fight tactics and the strategies to use them wisely.

Meet Generals

During the fight, you will get the chance to meet old Japan’s greatest war generals they will bless you with more powers and will help you fight in this chaos for the sake of the village.

As those generals sacrificed their lives in the past against those evil powers who tried to create a war situation in the village.

Make History

Unify your village and make history by scoring high along with defeating the monster and the veil powers which are trying to harm your village.

Once you will be done clearing up your village your name will be memorized in the history of the village as it will be an intense fight against the evil powers for the sake of humanity.


Customize your character from skin tone to dress up, make your character look way you feel more comfortable. By doing so your character will look more charming and you will be more comfortable with that look too.

Although dressing up will not put much effect on the result of the game but it will make your character look more charming.

Wild Aid

You can add wild aid in your campaign by doing so your opponent will have fear of you and wild animals will support you till the end of the game.

This feature looks quite interesting, suppose having wild animals in the battleground fighting on your behalf against evils to support you.


Let us mention the official version of this game is not free you have to pay some amount to download it over your device, but for its Modded version, you will get it completely free of cost and can download it from the mentioned link above.


Ninja Village

Ninja Village

Ninja Village Mod Apk is no doubt a historic h=game with many stories in it. If you like Japanese Ninjas characters fighting and want to get into it try out this game you will watch ninjas fight and will play the game at the same time.