Pixel Survival 3 Mod

Survival games are the best as here you can play a game that is close to reality as all the game mechanisms have been added according to the real world. So if you are fond of survival games and love to play them, then the Pixel Survival 3 Mod Apk is a game that I would highly recommend to you.

Game Overview

Pixel Survival 3 Mod Apk

Pixel Survival 3 Mod Apk

The Pixel Survival 3 Mod Apk is a game that comes in pixel-styled graphics and is purely a survival game where you’ll have a player and you have to use your survival instincts to make him survive in a deserted place.

Your character one day finds himself stuck on a deserted island with no place to go and no home to sleep in. So your first task here in the Pixel Survival 3 will be off to build a shelter for your character.

Initially, this shelter will be of a basic kind and later on you can add luxuries to it and upgrade it. You also need energy in this game to make your character do all the hard stuff and other required tasks.

And what is a better source of energy than food? So your character will go out and you will help him find food in the initial stages of the game on the islands of the Pixel Survival 3 Mod Apk and later you can produce your food.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.4 and up
Size 61 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 6 October 2022
Category Games
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Pixel Survival 3 Gameplay

Pixel Survival 3 Mod Apk

Pixel Survival 3 Mod Apk

This survival game comes with mainly 2 playing modes. One against the intelligent AI of the game in an offline game mode where there will be different tasks and different enemies for you.

The other game mode of the Pixel Survival 3 Mod Apk is the online game mode where you can take your friends and build a guild with them. This guild will help you to take part in many guild wars and raids offered by the game and it is also a source of too many resources and rewards.

Pixel Survival 3 Features

Pixel Survival 3

Pixel Survival 3

The following are the features that the Pixel Survival 3 Mod Apk has to offer for all of us out here. So let’s have a quick look at them.

Craft Many Weapons

Survival is nothing without weapons. So to do all sorts of tasks and hunt different animals and kill your enemies and guard yourself, you will need weapons, and luckily inside this game, you can craft one of your weapons with the resources available.

Grow Crops For Food

Crops are available to be grown in this game. As discussed above, your character of yours requires energy to do stuff. So the best way to get food easily is by growing one of your own. So grow plants outside your home and make them a good way of energy for yourself.

Go On Guild Raids

If you have friends and they too have downloaded this game on their phones so it’s time to build a guild team with them. Doing this will open opportunities for you where you can go on guild wards and raids and loot different people’s resources and get high rewards.

Different Tribes Of The Island

You are not alone on the island here in this game. More people from different tribes are present as well. They are not some friendly tribes, to be honest. So you have to fight with them as they always seek to attack you. So make weapons and fight them and loot their resources also.


This amazing Pixel Survival 3 Mod Apk is a game where you can test your survival instincts and make strategies to live longer and stay away from every sort of trouble you will need to make the best choices and have an extreme level of defense. So download the game now and taste the survival game in a new way.