Progressbar95 Mod

If you want to relive the era of the 90s when the old operating systems prevailed just in the lights of Microsoft Windows 95 and the older versions of it, then this Progressbar95 Mod Apk is the game that you should be looking at.

Game Overview

Progressbar95 Mod Apk

Progressbar95 Mod Apk

The Progressbar95 is an arcade casual game that lets you dive back into your old days. The game is all about the visual elements of the old windows operating systems and this is the only main headline of this game.

So what is this all hype about the game? Then for your information, I’ll tell you that the game is a ball-catching game. You might remember the old windows download bar that took ages to fill up. So here also you need to catch different colored balls in your progress bar.

The rectangular progress bar is the thing that you will be controlling and it is empty when the game starts. Now once the game starts, different colored balls fall from the sky and you have to catch them with the progress bar. So the Progressbar95 Mod Apk is a very interesting kind of game to play.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.1 and up
Size 23MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 24 September 2022
Category Games
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Progressbar95 Gameplay

Progressbar95 Mod Apk

Progressbar95 Mod Apk

The Progressbar95 Mod Apk has very basic gameplay and a very interesting UI style. You can choose whichever UI of the operating system you want to select. The options start from windows 1.0 and end at windows 10. So whichever UI you love, you can select that UI as your game UI and the progress bar according to it.

Specifically for the gameplay, the Progressbar95 consists of different color balls having different properties and powers, and you don’t have to collect them all as some colors have a negative impact on your progress bar.

Progressbar95 Features



Let’s now talk about some of the prominent features of the Progressbar95 Mod Apk below in detail.

Catch The Falling Balls

The game Progressbar95 comes with you having the chance to collect all different sorts of balls falling from the sky. Each ball has a different color and property associated with it. But keep in mind that not all balls are there to catch. Some have a negative impact also.

Easy Progress Bar Control

Your min character or the thing with which you will play this game is your progress bar. So it is very easy to control it. You just need one finger to swipe it left or right and up or down. That’s all for the control. No need to worry about the complex controls of this amazing nostalgic game.

A Nostalgic Game

This game gives the feeling of nostalgia to its players if they are old enough. As the UI and the progress bar are all from the old windows operating systems. The main theme is windows 95 but you can unlock other versions as well.

Collect In Empty Slot

If you collect a ball in the filled slot of the progress bar it will not be counted. You always need to collect the ball in the empty slot of the progress bar.

Different Balls With Powers

Not all balls here are meant to be collected. There are some balls like the green ones that will boost your progress bar filling process but then there are also some balls like the red ones that hit on your progress bar and damage it.


The Progressbar95 Mod Apk is the best arcade game that you can get if you like nostalgic games. The old operating system is the thing to look out for in this game and you can set the UI of the game according to your liking from the set of different operating system UI. So what are you waiting for? Just hit the download button and enjoy.