Project Makeover Mod

The Project Makeover Mod Apk is a match 3 puzzle game with the elements of fashion and makeover. The game is for both boys and girls and here you have to act as a fashion stylist as well as a home designer. The details about the gameplay and other features are given in the below article, so let’s start.

Game Overview

Project Makeover Mod Apk

Project Makeover Mod Apk

There are many match 3 puzzle games available on the app and play store. But none of them are like the Project Makeover Mod Apk. This game is a unique one as it is a combination of many game genres. For instance here you will get to play and solve many interesting match 3 puzzles. Apart from solving puzzles, you can do makeovers and styling of different customers at your shop.

If you feel that these are very few offerings of this game then wait as there are more. You will also get to do home designing for your customers if they ask. So you must be wondering now how all of these pole-apart things work with each other in a single game.

So the answer is simple. You start by solving the puzzle and matching the items on the puzzle board. Each row you match you get different items like makeovers and dress accessories. Later you get money too when a puzzle is fully done.

These things are then used by you in doing the ultimate makeovers of your customers. Styling their hair, choosing the best makeup and dressing them accordingly, and taking on the ultimate fashion challenges is what you will be doing in the Project Makeover Mod Apk.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Size 4+
Updated on 29 June 2022
Category Games
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Project Makeover Gameplay

Project Makeover Mod Apk

Project Makeover Mod Apk

The different sorts of game plays will be available in this single game. In the Project Makeover Mod Apk, a customer comes to your shop with a problem that will be your fashion challenge. You will see what you can do. You will gather all the necessary items to work with by solving the puzzles.

After that, you can work on the customers as they asked for. Satisfying them is your ultimate goal. Some customers will ask you to design their houses also. There you can install furniture, do paint jobs and all the other necessary things demanded by your customers.

You will see many stories of different customers and different sorts of dramas related to it. The more you play, the better you will get at doing the makeovers and styling.

Project Makeover Features

Project Makeover

Project Makeover

The features of the Project Makeover Mod Apk are given in the below text.

Solve Challenging Puzzles

Many challenging puzzles are waiting for you in this game. You have to match the items in a row or a column. A special U and L matching also exist where you will get combo moves and the rewards are also higher. So expect anything in this game.

Different Accessories And Styling Items

As the name suggests you will be working with make-up and dressing items. Your customers will come with a demand for their style, you will have many different items such as clothes, make-over items, different styling items, and also all different sorts of jewelry. You have to use them in doing the ultimate make-over of your client and full fill their dreams.

Design Their Houses

You also work as a home designer in this game. Some customers will want you to work on their homes as well and make them comfy and nice looking. You have to install different furniture and replace the old one. This also makes you a home designer in this make-over and styling game.

Different Characters And Related Dramas

Each character that will be your customer comes with a problem of their own. Each one has a separate story. And at your shop, you will also face all different sorts of dramas by these characters. A full season of enjoyment and fun is waiting for you at the other end of this game.

Your Studio Upgrades

Apart from the customers, your focus will also be on your studio. This is where your customers come so decorating it and making it look good is going to attract more customers. So try to make it as nice and good-looking as possible. This will reflect your skills to your customers when they come to your office.


The Project Makeover Mod Apk is going to be the most addictive game that you have ever played on your mobile phone. With different sorts of gameplay, this game allows you to become a make artist, a fashion stylist, and also a home designer. So what are you waiting for, click the download button and download this game right now.