Fashion Fantasy Mod

There are a lot of games available on the play store and app store, which you can download and play. The majority of these games are either for the boys or are from the category of mixed games for both genders. There are very few games only developed for the girls. Dressing games are one of them. The fashion fantasy mod apk is also a dressing fashion game.

fashion fantasy mod apk

fashion fantasy mod apk

When you talk about the games for the boys, then you will find many games. But only a few are noticeable when it comes to the games for girls. Girls like fashion and clothing. They have a great sense of fashion. They like to do makeup and all kind of stuff related to that.

So the fashion fantasy is a perfect game for the girls just like Fashion Story and Covet Fashion. This game is a fashion dress-up game, where you can dress your dolls and avatars and do their makeup, and make them presentable for a fashion show.

Apart from dressing up the best thing about the fashion fantasy mod apk is that it offers a story mode. Like when you play the game, it is not like any other random dressing game. Rather you will have a storyline to follow and you can unlock many chapters.

Additional Information

Current Version
Requires Android
4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 13 February 2024
Category Games
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The fashion fantasy mod apk is designed keeping in mind the psychology of girls. Girls and kids like colorful places. Girls like to do fashion and try out different dresses. Now in real life, it is hard to try out all the designer clothing and branded accessories. So with this game, you can bring your fantasy and dream into play.

The game allows you to dress up your dolls in the best fashion sense possible. You have different fashion options. Different clothes are there in the boutique which you can try out. You have to make sure that your avatar or the doll you are experimenting with your fashion sense on, looks very good. And after preparing it well, you can take it to the fashion shows and win them and earn rewards.

You can use the rewards and the money won in purchasing the best clothing and accessories for your doll. The game is based on a storyline and has many chapters. So it becomes engaging when playing along with a story. You can know the secrets and unveil the story of the game when you play it more.

Apart from that, different chapters are locked. You can unlock them by playing and completing the fashion tasks given to you in the current chapter. You can also visit and see your friend’s dolls and also show your fashion sense and the way you dressed up your characters.


fashion fantasy

fashion fantasy

The features of the fashion fantasy mod apk are given below.

Fashion adventure

You can start your fashion adventure while playing the game. You can travel the world with your character and explore different regions and cultures. You can dress your character and take part in different fashion events happening in the world.

Community forum

This is a place in the game where you have different players of the game. Here you can discuss different things with other players and ask questions if you have any sort of confusion. Apart from that you can also interact with other people and share some valuable information about fashion.

Different outfits

In the game, there are a lot of different clothing items and outfits available just like Castle Story. All of them are designer clothes and are very beautiful. You can try them out and choose the best clothing for your character.


This is the best fashion game with a perfect story, for you if you are a girl or like fashion and styling. The fashion fantasy mod apk has unlimited resources and locked things already unlocked for you. So download the fashion fantasy now have fun playing the game.