BitAim Mod

If any of you play the carrom pool game that is designed for mobile devices, then you will love this app. If you ever faced difficulty in winning the carrom pool games then don’t miss this app as this app, the BitAim Mod Apk is an AI helper that will help you win all the games of the carrom pool.

Tool Description

BitAim Mod Apk

BitAim Mod Apk

Many people love to play carrom. We all do. But after the android games came into the market, there were many games related to carrom that were launched over the years.

One such game that is most famous and globally played is the carrom pool. Now this game is a premium quality game with a difficulty level equal to reality. So most of the people just like me find it hard to correctly aim their shots and ultimately lose the matches.

This is where this tool comes into play. It is a third-party application that works with the carrom pool game. Using this app you can win matches very easily as aiming your shots will not be a big deal for you.

Additional Information

Version 3.6.63
Required Android 4.4 and up
Downloads 10,000+
Ratings 4+
Size 28 MB
Updated on 11 May 2024
Category Tools
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Why BitAim Application?



This app is for all those people who are very bad at carrom pool. If you lose matches regularly or you want to enhance and uplift your game, you can download and use the BitAim Mod Apk with your carrom pool game.

Don’t count this app as a cheat for the carrom pool. Although it gives you an added advantage over your competitors it is also very helpful in learning different carrom trick shots. And there is nothing bad in learning how to play a game.

So if you are here for winning the matches or you want to enhance your gameplay experience by practicing and learning different carrom pool trick shots, this tool is a must-have for you.

BitAim Features



The primary feature of the BitAim Mod Apk is to help you win matches so there are not many features of this app. But the ones that it comes with are given below.

Smart AI Helper

AI nowadays is bringing revolution. We see AI-based helpers in every field of life. So why not games? This app comes with a smart AI helper that aims for you before you even go for a shot. So you are always one step ahead as to what sort of shot and in which direction you need to play.

Ad Free Tool

The app does not come with too many ads as compared to every other tool in the market. You won’t be facing annoying ads that interrupt your gameplay and disrupt your focus.

Learn Different Trickshots

The carrom pool game has tons of trick shots related to carrom. And if you are a pro at carrom, you already know how to play these. And if you are not a pro then you can use this app as it helps you play all the trick shots like Coin Back Shot, Striker Back Shot, Lower V-Side Shot, Upper V-Side Shot, V-Side Shot, Double Coin Shot, etc with ease.

Works With Carrom Pool

This tool is specifically designed for the carrom pool game. There is no way to access this app. To use it you first must have the carrom pool game installed on your phone. If you have, then you just have to launch this app first and then you can play the carrom pool as you do.


So in the end it is evident that no matter whether you are a rookie, a starter, or a pro player at carrom pool, you still can use this BitAim Mod Apk as it not only helps you win the carrom pool games but also helps you in learning different trick shots that you can also use in real life carrom.