JuasApp Mod

Pranking is a great way of having fun. And when done anonymously with your friends and close ones, then the joy is real. The JuasApp Mod APK is another prank-calling application that will provide you with some quick fun. Launched by Funny Apps LLS studios, this app has its place with over 10 million users.

JuasApp Mod APK

JuasApp Mod APK

So want to have some fun while you take a break from work? Or want to take sweet and cute revenge from a friend who pranked you in the past? Any motto that you have regarding pranks will be fulfilled by this app.

This is a prank-calling application that has plenty of things to offer. Much similar to Jokephne. The registration is very simple and can be done just by using your Facebook account. After that you will get some free prank calls and when you use them all you have to buy them.

If you want some free prank calls then the best way is to invite your friends to the app and after that whenever they will purchase a prank call pack, you will be rewarded with free calls.

So you can make use of the pre-recorded voices when you make a prank call in the JuasApp Mod APK or you can use your voice as well. All of this depends on you as to how you want to proceed with the application.

Additional Information

Current Version
Requires Android
4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 26 April 2024
Category Tools
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The JuasApp Mod APK is very easy to use. There are no hard and fast rules to operate this app. You can just select a phone number to prank. Now there are 2 options here. One is that you can schedule a prank call and select a scenario or call right away with your voice.

You can record these calls you have fun with your friends later on. If you do not know how you should prank your friends, you can view and listen to a huge library of prank calls provided in the app to get an idea of how things are done.




The features of the JuasApp Mod APK are provided below.

Call Anonymously

As you make a prank call to your friend, the main thing to consider is that your identity is hidden which is done by this app. As the calls that you make are all carried out by the system of the application and not by your phone so you will stay anonymous as you call.

Free Prank Calls

There are no extra charges for the calls that you will make. You get some free prank calls at first and after that, you need to purchase them. But if you want to avoid this thing, you can invite your friends and earn free prank calls every time.

Record The Calls

Whenever you make a prank call, you can record it. This thing is very funny as when you record a call you can listen to it later and also show it to your other friends on how you pranked this person and capture their valuable funny reactions.

Send To Friends

You can send recorded prank calls to your friends from the application. The same feature you will get in Whatsmock Pro. When someone is pranked the fun is not real as he or she does not know that they have been pranked unless you tell them. To make things even more interesting you can show the call to them and see how they react.


This is a great way to prank and have fun with your friends and loved ones. The sound quality of the JuasApp Mod APK is also very awesome and the concept of pranking is very cool. Now all you need to do is to download the application from our below link and have fun with the prank calls that you will get for free.