JokesPhone Mod

Want to have some fun with friends. You can now prank all of your friends with this JokesPhone Mod APK. It is a fun prank calling application having more than 10 million active users and is designed by the CashITapp. It will be a great way of making prank calls to your friends. you will get unlimited calls free from our mod.

JokesPhone Mod APK

JokesPhone Mod APK

JokesPhone is an app just like Indycall, that provides you with a free option of calling any number from your contact list. All you need to do is to login into the app using your already made Facebook account.

After you are in the application, you can select the scenario of the prank call to be made and select the person you want to prank. The application makes the calls using your phone so there are no extra charges. Your identity is also kept anonymous.

The referral system of the application is also very cool as any person you invite to the app will provide you with a free prank call. And after that, whenever that person buys a prank call on the application, you will get a free prank call as a referral advantage.

There is also an option of recording the call on the JokesPhone Mod APK. You can make a prank call to your friend and record it to listen to it later. You can also share these recorded calls on Whatsapp and capture the reactions of your friends.

Additional Information

Current Version
Requires Android
5.0 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 21 March 2023
Category Tools
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The JokesPhone Mod APK is very easy to operate. Signing up is very simple and can be done by just using your facebook id. The application has 3 sections. Jokes, examples, and the actual calls.

The actual calls are those that you will make to your friends. When you record a call it is saved in the jokes section. And if you want to hear some pre-recorded calls you can listen to the examples provided in the examples section.

Your identity in the app will be hidden and there are no extra charges for the calls. You can schedule the calls and also select the scenarios in which you want the prank call to be.


JokesPhone Mod APK

JokesPhone Mod APK

Let’s talk about the features of the JokesPhone Mod APK.

Get Free Jokes

The app doesn’t charge you for the calls. But you need to buy jokes to place a call. Luckily if you invite any person to the app you get 2 free jokes and after that whenever they make a purchase on the app, you will get free joke calls as a reward.

Enjoy The Examples

If you run out of ideas or you are left with no jokes, you can still have fun on the app by listening to the examples provided. These examples are the demo and pre-recorded prank calls of other people to which you can listen to and have fun.

Record Your Pranks

Whenever you make a prank call to your friend, you can record it the same way as you record in Magic Call. The recording is done automatically as well. This is a very useful feature as you can listen to the prank call after it has been recorded any time and anywhere you want.

Share The Pranks

You can also share the prank calls that you have made to your friends on WhatsApp directly and see how they react to that after knowing they have been pranked.

Stay Anonymous

Whenever you make a call the other person will not know it is you and in this way your identity is kept hidden.


Want to have some quick fun with your friends? Download the JokesPhone Mod APK now and get free prank calls. Record them and share them with your friends to catch their reactions to those pranks.