Spotify Blue

If you are looking for any application to listen to music for free and without ads then Spotify Blue Apk is the best choice for you. This blue-themed application will provide you a bundle of songs without the hassle of any ads.

spotify blue apk

Spotify blue apk

Search for any music without having the restriction of geographic location, your searched song will be shown in your search list which you can play as many times as you want to.

Along with this with every update developers try to add many possible features to this application. The application is bugs-free and quite safe for every android device.

Additional Information

Name Spotify Blue
Size 60.94 MB
Updated on 26 April 2024
Version v8.5.89.907
Developed By Spotify Ltd.
Price Free
Category Tools
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Shuffle Mode

Play your track in shuffle mode, search with the artist name of the track or the track itself once your track is being played enable shuffle mode.

If you enable shuffle mode with the name of the artist then all the tracks of the same artist will be played first consecutively. After the rest of the songs of the different artists will be played.

This is one of the amazing features you can find on this application and most popular applications do not provide this feature.


Play any song on any of your android devices, regardless of the type. That is your song can be played on than droid phone, or tablet.

Simply install this application from the google play store or its Modded version from our website and start enjoying the wide range and taste of the music.

Download Music

You can not only listen to the music but can download it for later. If you like any music and want to save it directly onto your mobile gallery then just click on downloading icon your downloading will start at once.

Quality Music

With the quantity, the quality of music also matters. A wide range of quality music will be available for you every time. Just make sure to have a stable internet connection to get into the world of Spotify.

Evergreen songs from every decade will be searched easily and quickly. Your searched result will be displayed more efficiently thus increasing the worth of this application.

No doubt this application has a wide range of music from all over the world. So search for any song, music you like to. So enjoy quality music.

Unlimited Searches

You will not be bound to search for a limited number of times. You will have a free hand to search for any music as many times as you want to.

Ads Free

Most of all the best feature of this Spotify Blue Apk is being ads-free. You will not face any ads while hearing the music. No ad will pop up on the screen while using the application.

No matter, if you are listening to music online application, will not bother you by displaying pop-up notifications of the ads.

Direct Close

If you are listening to any music that is not of your interest simply quit it by closing it directly. Or switch to the next song in the playlist of the same artist.

The interface of the application is very basic and attractive too. Listen to the music with very basic gestures. You will not be required to have any technical skills before using this best application for music.

Mod Features

You might be wondering what are the main highlights and features of its Modded version. Below we have mentioned some of its top Modded version highlights.

  • Now with the Modded version, you can switch unlimited times among the songs being played.
  • The high-quality audio result will be available.
  • Already it was in blue them but with the Modded version, its theme has also been slightly changed.
  • You can now watch the live lyrics along with the song being played but this feature is only available for the Modded version.


With all these best features no doubt this Spotify Blue Apk is worth downloading for your Android devices. Along with the quantity, this application has ensured the quality of the music too. With unlimited searches, you will be free to search for music no matter how many times you want to.

If you have a good taste in music and want to have access to music around the globe then we personally highly suggest you this application to install. Spotify Blue will provide you with much ease to have access to quality music time everywhere.