Virtual Backup

With the advancement in technology and the digital world, people are facing issues related to the backup of their data. Because mobile phones and other devices do not support a bulk amount of memory to store users’ data.

To store a bulk amount of data virtually you should try a virtual backup Apk. This application has loads of many more features rest than backup of data only.

Virtual Backup Apk

Virtual Backup Apk

If you have a huge amount of data to store of many applications and do not want to spend a good amount of money to buy a new device that can store the bulk of your data then you should try this application once.

This application is a utility for Android devices to backup files, pictures, Apk, and games too. This is a secure and reliable application and will not harm your data in any way.

Additional Information

Name Virtual Backup
Version V2.11
Size 25Kb
Ratings 4.5
Android support

2.3 and above

Updated on 26 April 2024
Category Tools
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This application provides a list of features. Below we have mentioned some of the top features that this application provides.

Backup Data

Back up your data anytime you want to. You can back up any type of data whenever you want to. After the backup of data, you will easily access your virtually stored data.

By doing so you will not only save your data for the future but will save your real money too. Because whenever you will buy any secondary or tertiary storage device for your data it is going to cost you a good amount.


After doing the backup of your data if you ever delete your data mistakenly nothing to be worried about then you will easily access the data again by restoring that file or folder.

Apps Data

You will not be bound to back up your data separately. But if you want to back up your data of any application entirely you will easily do that so too.

Just select the application whose data you want to back up This application will start scanning that application by doing the backup of that application.

One of the best features of application backup of this application is that data of the application will be scanned for backup without closing the specific application

You can use that application and do the backup of that application at the same time without closing the application.

Backup Time

This application after doing the backup of data will the size of the data being backup and the time on which that backup start and end

Right after the completion of the backup, this application will also show the time and date on which that data was backup along with the size too. You can easily access your data afterward by the name and time on which it was backed up.


If you will have any data or files on your device that haven’t been scanned for backup you will get an automatic notification from the application to remind you about the backup of data.

Also after the completion of backup or the progress of backup of data will be easily seen in the notifications are in the form of the progress bar.

Easily Install

This application does not occupy much space because it comes with a size of only 25 Kb. So it is not going to create any issue related to the internal storage of the mobile device.


As people show concerns related to the security of applications that work online. But make sure about the security concern of Virtual Backup. This application is safe to install and use.


Our verdict about this application is very clear if you have a bulk of data and do not want to spend in buying any gadget for that then Virtual Backup Apk is the best option for you to use. Also, this is a totally secure application and will not harm your data anymore.


Q: Is virtual backup available on the google play store?

No, this application is not available on the google play store.

Q: How can we install virtual backup?

This is the Modded version and is not available on the google play store but you can download it from our website by clicking the mentioned link.

Q: Does Virtual Backup is free of cost to install?

Yes, this application is free to download and install.

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