Project OffRoad Mod

The game Project OffRoad Mod Apk is a simulation game of vehicle driving. The game is not a normal driving simulation game as the main focus here in this game is on realism rather than the colorful and extraordinary graphics.

Game Overview

Project OffRoad Mod Apk

Project OffRoad Mod Apk

Simulator games allow you to experience things that you haven’t experienced in real life. Depending upon the nature of the games, you can experience many things from these simulation games. The Project OffRoad Mod Apk is another driving simulation game of its kind.

When you talk about the driving games, only 2 things come to your mind, one is driving or racing on the tracks or roads provided and the other is off-road driving. Off-road, driving is a separate sport.

This game is related to the off-road driving of vehicles, so the challenge is bigger as the main focus of the developers of this game is on the realistic physics-based driving and gameplay rather than the colorful graphics.

So in this game, you will get a realistic driving experience but if you are a fan of colorful graphics with fantasy-like environments, then you won’t get those in this Project OffRoad Mod Apk, and certainly, the game will not be a good match for you. Download the game only if you want to feel the real thrill of driving.

Additional Information

Version 185
Requires Android
5.1 and up
Downloads 10,000,000+
Ratings 4+
Size 83.3Mb
Updated on 17 June 2022
Category Games
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Project OffRoad Gameplay

Project OffRoad Mod Apk

Project OffRoad Mod Apk

The game Project OffRoad Mod Apk has only one main motto. You have different challenges and the main idea behind every challenge is to drive your vehicle with the lowest damage possible.

Different terrains are available in the game to facilitate you. Each terrain is associated with a different map or location and the challenge is also different. Different sorts of obstacles are also available for you in the game that you have to overcome. So all-in-all the game is a perfect treat for realism lovers.

Project OffRoad Features

Project OffRoad

Project OffRoad

The features of the Project OffRoad Mod Apk are given in the below section. Let’s have a look at them.

More Than 70 Challenges

This game has more than 70 different kinds of challenges. Some will require you to do a trick at a certain point and some will require you to cover a distance in the provided time. Each challenge comes with different difficulties.

Plenty Of Vehicles To Drive

The game has all different sorts of vehicles. From the heavy-duty trucks to mini SUVs and from these SUVs to sports cars, every different vehicle is available. You just have to select a car and test your driving skill and the power of that vehicle in certain terrain.

Different Customization Options

The game comes with plenty of vehicle customization options. You can apply different sets of options to your cars. From the colors to the body enhancement you can get everything you want from this game.

All Things Unlocked

This is a modified version of the game so here in the game, you will get all the things unlocked. By all things I mean the customization options, the cars, the maps, and all the challenges.

Mechanics Rather Than Graphics

The main focus of the game is to provide you with a realistic driving experience on the different terrains rather than the cute and colorful graphics. So make sure you are okay with this thing before downloading the game.


The best driving simulation game is here in the form of the Project OffRoad Mod Apk. A realistic driving experience with a different set of challenges is waiting for you in the game. So wait no more and download the game now and drive in the most difficult terrains that you can ever get.