Sonic Forces Mod

Every child from the 90s has played the SEGA games and the brand ambassador or the main selling game of the SEGA games was supersonic. Yes, the same runner game where w used to go to top speeds and do all different kinds of stuff. For your joy, we have brought you the latest android version of the game in the form of theĀ  Sonic Forces Mod Apk. Note, in our hack version you will get all characters unlocked.

Game Overview

Sonic Forces Mod Apk

Sonic Forces Mod Apk

The Sonic Forces Mod Apk is a game of our childhood so there are tons of memories related to this game. Anyone who wants to relive those memories should download this game.

So basically this version of the game is a multiplayer one. Here not only you’ll be running at your top speed but there will be opponents in run time running against you like Tom Gold Run.

Now in most running games the opponents only bother to run fast and win the races but here things get trickier as the other player can attack you with their different powers.

This also means that in the Sonic Forces Mod Apk you can also attack the other player with the powers that you have at your disposal. So running at top speed and eliminating your opponent with the powers and weapons that you have, is going to be your main task here in this game.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.4 and up
Size 45 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 29 October 2022
Category Games
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Sonic Forces Gameplay

Sonic Forces Mod Apk

Sonic Forces Mod Apk

The Sonic Forces Mod Apk is a game where you’ll have to test both your luck and your skill. Controlling the sonic at his top speed is not a piece of cake for anyone. And did I tell you that this game has 3 other characters unlocked already for you that are friends of sonic?

So from the start, you will get the choice to select from multiple characters. But wait here as these are not the only characters that you are getting. There are 30 other locked characters that you have to unlock by collecting the cards associated with them. So happy collecting.

Sonic Forces Features

Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces

The Sonic Forces Mod Apk has some of the following amazing features for you.

Sonic Skills

The game has 3 different skills associated with your sonic characters. These are speed, acceleration, and attacking power. Speed as you all know is how fast the character can go and acceleration is how quickly he can get to his top speed. Where the attacking power is special for each character that it fires on its opponents.

Different Character Cards

The game comes with an option to unlock 30 other characters as well. These are the characters that are locked and have different cards that you need to collect to unlock them. So if you like to get one character unlocked, you have to collect all the associated cards.

Collect And Run

If you want to earn lots of money in this game then there are the golden rings that you should collect while running. These rings are the currency of this game that can be used to buy many things. Moreover, there are red rings also that allow you to purchase some premium stuff and these rings are very rare.

Run Against Opponents

Did I tell you that this is a multiplayer-based game so here you’ll be racing against some real opponents from around the world? Racing and collecting rings for higher points is your priority but also to win the races you have to attack other players with your powers so that they can be eliminated from the game.

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Do you have the guts and skills to control the sonic at his top speed? If you think you have these things then you should download the Sonic Forces Mod Apk and try to race against some real players from around the globe. Don’t wait, download the game right now.