Tom Gold Run Mod

Do you love endless games where you have the freedom to play as much as you can and for as long as you can without any sort of disturbance? If yes then you might have played a lot of different endless runner games with different concepts and stories. The Tom Gold Run Mod Apk is also yet another endless runner game designed for your mobile smartphones.

Game Overview

Tom Gold Run Mod Apk

Tom Gold Run Mod Apk

The subway surfers and the temple run were the pioneers of the endless runner games. After that, a lot of different studios came up with their versions of this game.

Not so long ago we used to play the talking tom game that served as a virtual pet of ours. So this Tom Gold Run Mod Apk is continuing the same talking tom game’s legacy but this time it comes with the gameplay of the endless runner game.

The game is the same as any running game would be. The story of the game is very interesting. There is a thief who has run away with your gold of yours. Now you with talking tom’s help have to run and chase that thief and don’t let that thief get away with the gold.

In your case, you will face many obstacles. Each one is designed to lower your speed and even hit you to eliminate you from the game. To get extra perks in the game, you can collect the gold that you find on the track.

Additional Inforamtion

Outfit7 Limited
106 MB
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 29 October 2022
Category Games
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Tom Gold Run Gameplay

Tom Gold Run Mod Apk

Tom Gold Run Mod Apk

The game takes the elements of the subway surfers and the story and characters of the talking tom game. The ginger, Angela, Ben, or hank are there for you. Here unlike in other games, you have to chase rather being chased by someone else.

So you need to speed up and don’t let the person you are chasing get away with the theft he has done. Collecting the gold on the running track will allow you to purchase more items from the store. You have to unlock the above-mentioned characters with the gold that you will collect. There are no missions, you just have to run as long as you can.

Tom Gold Run Features

Tom Gold Run

Tom Gold Run

The features of the Tom Gold Run Mod Apk are listed in the section below. Let’s infer them for more details about the game.

Talking Tom’s Legacy

Those who are playing smartphone games for quite a long time must have known or played the talking tom game. This game is taking that legacy of talking tom to the next level and introducing a story based on tom into an endless runner game. So for the fans of Talking Tom, there is very much enjoyment in this game.

Multiple Characters To Play With

In this endless runner game, you are not bound to play with only Tom. There are other characters as well that you can unlock and run with them also. These all are the characters that were friends of Tom in the previous games. May it be Angela or Ginger, Hank, or Ben, all are available in this game to play with.

House Customization And Upgradation

Unlocking new maps and new locations is dependent on the level of your house. So to open more adventures and more maps you need to upgrade your house more often.

Running Aids

There are multiple items other than gold on the running track that are there to help you. For instance, there is a helmet that lets to bear damage and defends you against hits with obstacles. The magnets help you attract all the gold bars to yourself without going to them by yourself. At last, the airplane helps you fly for a shorter period.

What’s New?

  • Updated to the latest version
  • minor gameplay improvements
  • Bug fixes

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The Tom Gold Run Mod Apk is for all the fans of the talking tom game. The endless running game is there for you to play your boring long hours and pass your time in a quality way. So download the game and dive into the colorful world of tom and his friends.