Spiral Warrior Mod

Another amazing role-playing game in the form of the Spiral Warrior Mod Apk is here to fascinate you and facilitate you in spending your free time in a quality way. To be short, the game is a tops spinning game based on the famous anime series, The Beyblade. Yes, the same old bey-blade series that started, and every kid was a fan of it. Note, Here you will get unlimited money and diamond.

Game Overview

Spiral Warrior Mod Apk

Spiral Warrior Mod Apk

Now let’s get to the main point and that is, what is the Spiral Warrior Mod Apk game about? For that, I will take you a decade back or more. It is your childhood and you came back from your school, you turn on the TV and there you see some anime cartoons spinning tops and fighting with each other. Yes, I am talking about the Bey-Blade.

You and your friends then buy these tops from the markets that are of different styles and shapes and then you role play as the bey-blade warriors and battle with them at your house or in the playground. This game will take you back to those times.

The game being an RPG game follows a very strong story plot where you will embark your character on a journey to becoming the world’s legendary and top bey-blade warrior.

There will be various types of blades that you can acquire in the Spiral Warrior Mod Apk. Your character also has a gym which is a game mode inside which you can practice with different blades of yours.

Additional Inforamtion

Requires Android
5.0 and up
Size 88.92MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 22 October 2022
Category Games
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Spiral Warrior Gameplay

Spiral Warrior Mod Apk

Spiral Warrior Mod Apk

Do you know what is more interesting than a game providing RPG gameplay? Its the ability to accommodate the multiplayer mode along with the RPG mode. And yes the Spiral Warrior Mod Apk has both of them intact inside it for its players.

Whether it be an offline adventure mode where the journey of the character is followed in different story chapters, or it is the multiplayer survival or PVP modes, the fun and joy and thrill remain the same along with the amazing graphics anime visuals that are also a treat to look out for in the game for many players.

Spiral Warrior Features

Spiral Warrior

Spiral Warrior

The features that the Spiral Warrior Mod Apk comes up with are written in the below section.

A Survival Mode

This is a multip0layer mode of this game. Here you’ll get to play against 80 other players, but not all at once. There will be 1vs1vs1 battles and the winner of these battles will move forward and the rest will be eliminated. The player surviving till the end will be declared the winner of the game.

Select Your Trainer

Your character in this game is termed the trainer. And before the game begins you can select any trainer you want. Each trainer comes with its own physical and skill attributes that you can later customize and upgrade as well. Keep in mind that with the character that you select, you’ll be playing his story in adventure mode.

Spin Till The End

No matter in which game mode you are playing, you always have to make sure that your blade never stops spinning. This is the only criterion to stay alive in the battles. The blade that stops before the opponent’s blade, is termed as the loser and hence is eliminated.

Train In The Gym 

You can also visit your gym and there you can train your character to play with its blade. You can always experiment with your blade and upgrade its skills and attributes there. Moreover, before any game, you have to select a blade from your collection, so it is better to know about them before jumping into any game.

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What if I tell you that you can live your childhood one more time by downloading this Spiral Warrior Mod Apk and playing it on your mobile devices? Seems fun right? So why not download this game along with your friends to play the amazing blade game once again after so many years? So download it now and enjoy.