Awaken Chaos Era Mod

Do you love to play action-fighting games? If yes then stick with me till the very end of this article, you’ll not regret doing this. The reason behind my previous statement is this game, the Awaken Chaos Era Mod Apk, is a tactical strategy-based fighting game.

Game Overview

Awaken Chaos Era Mod Apk

Awaken Chaos Era Mod Apk

The Awaken Chaos Era Mod Apk is not like any ordinary tactical fighting game, rather it is an RPG game with a very strong storyline to follow. The more you play the better you’ll get here in this game.

The story of this game is simple, your world destroyed by monsters needs to be restored and who else can do this in a better way than you, as you are going to be the protagonist in this game?

Your task is to gather as many powerful fighters as you can. All of these fighters and monster creatures are present in your land and you can go out on adventures to summon these powerful ones.

With the help of these fighters you will fight with the forces, the dark forces that damaged your land and destroyed it. The Awaken Chaos Era Mod Apk will guide you with its in-depth tutorials and also the training modes where you’ll learn to fight with different warriors and their skills.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.0 and up
Size 1.2G
Ratings 4+
Updated on 27 August 2022
Category Games
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Awaken Chaos Era Gameplay

Awaken Chaos Era Mod Apk

Awaken Chaos Era Mod Apk

The Awaken Chaos Era Mod Apk is a game of tactical fighting. I mentioned tactical fighting because the game has a different sort of gameplay. You’ll need a group of 4 fighters to jump into any fight.

Each fighter possesses a different skill and each fighter is different from the other one. This makes each one of them different having different properties in the same team. So you have to strategize in a tactical way to make them work altogether during the fights. And for the fights did I mention that they are turn-based?

Awaken Chaos Era Features

Awaken Chaos Era

Awaken Chaos Era

The features that this game, the Awaken Chaos Era Mod Apk comes up with are given below. Have a look at them.

Summon Powerful Creatures

You’ll need a set of 4 warriors or fighting creatures to be able to take part in the fights. So go out in the woods or the sea or the lands and try to summon the powerful fighters in your kingdom. Train them and learn how to fight with their skills and defeat your enemies in close combat.

Destroy The Destructive Monsters

These deadly monsters have destroyed your land and taken away its peace. You now must go and fight with them and defeat them using your powers and fighters.

Online PVP Fighting Mode

This is a very interesting mode for many gamers in any sort of game because here you get the chance to fight with real players. Real opponents are hard to beat but the enjoyment level here is very much high as compared to the offline AI opponents.

Reveal The Story

If you wish to play the game offline then you have to fight against the AI of the game and along with that, you’ll be uncovering the secret parts of the game story. So get ready for an epic story adventure of this game.

Turn-Based Fighting

This game consists of 4vs4 matches where the fights are turn-based. Meaning you have to attack when it’s your turn with your fighter. So make the best strategy to use your turns in a better way.


The Awaken Chaos Era Mod Apk comes with a great amount of fun in terms of tactical fighting. Download the game now and summon some great fighters and take them into battles against your friends and other deadly monsters.