If you can solve the toughest puzzles and can make the strongest strategies then you should not miss out on the Mod Apk. it is a real-time strategy game designed for the clever ones. Note here you will get unlimited money for free.

Game Overview Mod Apk Mod Apk

The game Mod Apk does not comes with 3D graphics or hardcore fighting sequences. Rather this game is a 2D flat performer game. Here the one having the sharpest brain will win as all this game has to do is deal with strategies.

The game has a map with different locations having different colors assigned to them. Now before the match begins, you have to select the color that you want to go with. Then when the game begins you have to make all the lands and locations described on the map yours. And remember you selected color in the beginning. Yes, the locations under your control will be of that color.

The land or the location on the map that hasn’t yet been conquered by anyone will be white with a number mentioned on it. This number shows how many army people are there at that location.

Your locations or lands will also have your color and your army number on them. Now if you want to capture any un acquired land, you will have to see which nearest land you have in control to that free land. If you find any, you have to compare the army number of the free land and your land also. To capture the free land in this Mod Apk, you have to send an army greater in number than that mentioned on the free land.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.1 and up
Downloads 10,000,000+
Size 70 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 24 August 2022
Category Games
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More Gameplay Mod Apk Mod Apk

The Mod Apk is a very hard game to master. But here is a tip that I want to share with you. In this game, the lands that are very much far away from your controlled lands are very difficult to capture as you would be sending off many soldiers to that land which will make your lands vulnerable to the attacks of the enemies.

You can always try for the closest lands and build your way up to the top to the further lands. No hard-core fights exist in this game and there are very much complex controls that you have to worry about.

Always stay close to the lands that you own and always keep track of the enemies around your lands. If your army gets low in one of your lands and the neighborhood enemies have some high number of soldiers with them, then my friend you are going to lose that piece of land here. Features

The following are some of the major features of the Mod Apk. Have a look at them for a better understanding of the game.

Locations With Distinguished Colors

The has a map on which you have to play. This map is a 2D flat map. The locations on this map have different colors. Before the start of the match, you will be asked to select a color. The lands under your control will be denoted by that color. The enemies will have their colors. So the free lands that are yet to be conquered will simply have a white color on them.

Go Close And Go Small

This is the tip and the trick that I would like you to tell if you want the luck to go in your way. The lands further from you will be hard to conquer and you’ll need a large army to do so. Similarly, the lands having a greater army than yours will also be hard to conquer so don’t be greedy and always hit on those lands first that are close and have a small amount of army on them.

Make The Best Strategy

This game is all about making strategies and going for the lands that you think you can conquer easily. opponents will always try to bait you with their lands. They will make you conquer one of their lands so that you can fall into their trap and when you do they’ll hit on your main lands and capture them. All that it takes to play the game, is your mind. Your brain will be put to test here in this game.

No Fancy Controls

All you need is a bit of brain and clever thinking. That’s it. There are no fancy controls, no lethal fights no 3-D graphics just a bunch of puzzles and a whole world to conquer.


The Mod Apk is a game that comes with 2D graphics but it ensures that the players get the most advanced level of gameplay. This game is not so easy to play. You’ll sweat, you’ll be thinking hard, but keep in mind do anything here in the game but don’t give up. Download this game now and test your brain.