Too many games exist today to be played on your smartphones and each day new games are being launched. If you are someone who has been fascinated about the battle royale games by playing PUBG and Freefire, then you should not miss today’s game the Magica Io Mod Apk.

Game Overview Mod Apk Mod Apk

The Mod Apk is an RPG battle royale game where you have to deal with magic. There are no guns no bullets no weapons or a combat fighting style at all. All you have is your mage’s elemental magical powers that you can use to summon different enemies and also cast different magical spells on them.

All it takes to play the game is magic. The game is full of mages and magic. And yes mages are your characters or heroes and plenty of them exist in this game with the different elemental magic power of their own with a separate type of magical weapon to increase its power.

You can either play the Mod Apk online in the battle royale style or you can go offline to play in the story game mode with 12 maps to play in with each map providing a separate game mode for the players.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.4 and up
Downloads 10,000,000+
Size 95MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 15 August 2022
Category Games
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The Mod Apk is a game of magic with Minecraft-styled boxy graphics for the players. Plenty of maps are available for you in this game with different elemental magic powers possessing mages.

You can mix different spells and give rise to a different and new kind of magic spell. Magic is your attack and magic is your defense in this game. Elemental powers like air, fire, and water are the main properties of any character that you chose to play with. Features

There are some amazing features of the Mod Apk. A few are given below.

Elemental Magical Powers

Each page in this magical game consists of different elemental power. By elemental power, I mean air water and fire. Each character or image belongs to one of these categories and has a respective power.

Different Types Of Mages

You will have plenty of heroes in this game. All of them are known as mages. Mages do magic and fight with magic. You can try each one of them and select the best one for you that you like.

12 Playing Maps

If you shift to the offline game mode in this game you will see that you have 12 different playing maps. Not only do these maps have different locations but each map in this game represents a different game mode. So get ready for an incredible amount of gameplay.

Go Battle Royale

The online playing mode or the multiplayer mode of is simply a battle royale mode where all the game mechanics and rules are of a battle royale game but the only difference is that there are no guns and fighting actions sequence other than the magical spells and fighting with magic etc.

Minecraft Styled Graphics

There are many people who love the style of Minecraft games. The box-styled graphics are a treat for many people. So if you are one of them then you will also get the same type of graphical imagery and style as that seen in Minecraft, here in this game.


The Mod Apk lovers of the Minecraft-styled games will love this Mod Apk because of its box-styled graphics and the battle royale game admirers will love it because of the multiplayer Battle royale mode. So download it now and enjoy casting some magical spells on your enemies.