PUBG New State Mod

The PUBG New State Mod Apk is a battle royale game that is a sequel or another version of the original PUBG game. If you have played the original PUBG, then for now you must know that there is no difference between the gameplay of these two games. The only difference that this new state version has, I’ll discuss down below. Note, this anti ban hack thus you will get unlimited uc for free.

Game Overview

PUBG New State Mod Apk

PUBG New State Mod Apk

The PUBG New State Mod Apk is a game the same as the original PUBG. The only difference is that this game is based shortly around the year 2050. So all the designs and the maps are futuristic. The weapons are of the future and the same is the cars.

In this game, you have to land on the map along with your teammates, if you are playing in a team mode, and from there you have to collect weapons and fight and kill your opponents to stay alive in the race of having a chicken dinner.

The more kills you get the more points you’ll gain. You can decide to hide anywhere and remain there until only a few players are left or you can go out and enjoy the game by killing the other players.

As this game is mostly played in teams so you also get a voice chat where you can communicate with your mates. If you wish to taste the thrill of close combats, then the death matches of 4 players are also available in the PUBG New State Mod Apk. So a lot of action and adventure is waiting for you with all new designs and futuristic maps.

Additional Information

Requires Android
6.0 and up
Downloads 10,000,000+
Size 50 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 29 July 2022
Category Games
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PUBG New State Gameplay

PUBG New State Mod Apk

PUBG New State Mod Apk

The PUBG New State Mod Apk comes with the same gameplay as that of the PUBG game. You land on the map with your mates and find the weapons and run towards the safe zone and kill any player that comes in your way.

Kill or get killed. This is the main theme of this game. Other than that there are also many other ways in which you can enjoy this game. The best one is the customization options. You can have as many skins for your character, your airplanes, your parachute or even the weapon’s that you own or pick, you can have different custom skins for them.

PUBG New State Features

PUBG New State

PUBG New State

Let’s now talk about the features that the PUBG New State Mod Apk has to offer for us.

New Futuristic Maps

In this new state game, you get all different sorts of maps with futuristic designs and locations. As the game theme is based in 2050, the future, so you will get new locations in future style.

New Weapons And Vehicles

The vehicles and the weapon that you find on the map are also new. You can get a different future-styled gun and can get amazing cars of the future in this PUBG New State.

Kill Or Get Killed

You pick a gun and kill other players. There is no other way to stay alive till the end. The only theme or main point of this game is that as long as you are killing, you are safe. If you stop it and hide with no weapons, someone will come and kill you and you will be eliminated.

Visit Houses

On the maps, you will get many different types of houses. You can visit them as they have some special weapons for you. Also, these houses are a great place to hide or get a shooting angle and a safe spot for your sniper.

Team Or Go, Solo

It is your choice in this game whether you want to play alone as a solo warrior, or you need a team to fight your way till the end. In the team, you can have an option of 2 to 4 players.

Communicate Through Voice Chat

If you want to communicate with your pals in this game, you have the option of voice chat. You can open it and talk to your teammates to guide or help them in the game. You can also use this option to call for help if you are shot or need anything.


If you have played PUBG, then you will find no difference in the gameplay of the PUBG New State Mod Apk. Rather you will get additional items and more maps of different nature here in this version. So why wait when you can download the game right now.