PUBG Korean Version Hack

PUBG is a battle royale game where you have to compete with other players and stay alive till the end. The PUBG Korean Version Hack is a hack designed for the Korean version of PUBG. This PUBG KR version of  PUBG has many interesting features.

PUBG Korean Version Hack

PUBG Korean Version Hack

After the success of the PUBG game, for the Korean audience, a customized version of the game was released. This version has many cool and exciting features. The concept of this game is the same.

You play with the other 99 players in the game. You have to land on the map and after that, all you need to do is to collect weapons and kill your enemies. The last person standing is the winner of the game and gets chicken dinner.

The Korean version of PUBG has some extra skins and playing modes like zombies, King Kong, Godzilla skins, etc. Now to access these skins, you need to have UC and money which is very expensive. This is where you can make use of the PUBG Korean Version Hack.

With the help of this hack, you will get exciting prizes and also be able to purchase unlimited items for free. Just like we have given Free Fire Hack

Additional Information

Varies with device
Current Version
Requires Android
Varies with device
Ratings 4+
Updated on 19 February 2022
Category Games
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As you know that any battle royale game consists of 2 things. One is the actual gameplay in the game and the other is the extra customization options to make your playing experience better. But these resources are very expensive and cost a lot of money.

For that reason, you can download the PUBG Korean Version Hack where you will get a lot of cool items and UC for free in the Korean version of the game. Apart from that, you will get hacked games where you can perform such amazing actions that your enemies are unable to do. This will make you win games more easily.


PUBG Korean Version Hack

PUBG Korean Version Hack

There are a lot of cool and mind-blowing features of the PUBG Korean Version Hack. For your ease, I am going to list some of them below.

Flora Menace Mode

This is the amazing mode of this version of the pubg that comes with this hack. With the help of this mode, all of the maps of the PUBG game will be filled with extraterrestrial creatures. There is a cell-matrix plane in the range map in this mode. You can find all the cool things associated with it while playing the game.

New Costumes And Skins

With this hacked version of the Korean PUBG, you will get all of the exciting new and old skins for free. So you can look cool and can show off to other players in the game.

Unlimited Ammo

This hacked version will give you unlimited ammo. So you no need to worry about running out of bullets and ammo while playing the game.

See Behind The Wall

In the hack, you have the option of now seeing behind the walls of the buildings and houses. This is a very useful feature as you can trace and see your enemies hiding behind the walls of the buildings. So it becomes easy for you to go and shoot them.

No Grass

Most people adopt a strategy where they hide in the grass and wait for a kill. With this hack on your screen, you will see no grass, and any person hiding in the grass will be visible to you so you can shoot him without any sort of problem.


The Korean version of PUBG is the modified version of the original PUBG game. And with the help of the PUBG Korean Version Hack, your playing experience will become easier, and winning games will be no big deal for you.