Stick War 3 Mod

If you are a fan of stickman-style games then today I will introduce you to a very special game from the famous stickman franchise. The name of the game is the Stick War 3 Mod Apk and it is the third release by the franchise so there are many improvements that will be seen.

Game Overview

Stick War 3 Mod Apk

Stick War 3 Mod Apk

Many people these days are so fond of stickman games that they have installed more than one stickman game on their mobile phones. This is the reason why we love t bring new stickman-style games every day for you.

This game is specifically designed for the action freaks who love to go to war in mobile video games. The game provides tons of action-packed missions that you can complete.

You won’t be playing with one or two stickman fighters in this game. Rather army of stickmen is required to battle in the game. There are many game modes in which you can enjoy the game. The best one is the multiplayer one where you can battle against your friends or make stickman army alliances with them to fight against the random players of the game from around the world.

Additional Information

Name Stick War 3
Version v2022.1.3567
Required Android 4 and up
Size 129 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated 9 January 2023
Category Games
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Stick War 3 Gameplay

Stick War 3 Mod Apk

Stick War 3 Mod Apk

Don’t be worried about the type of characters that you are going to get in this Stick War 3 Mod Apk. Because 6 different character classes are there for you including the giants, magicians, archers, swordsmen, fighters, and miners.

The only task for the players is to form a great combination using these different classes and make an army that can compete in battle. You have to fight tactically by throwing arrows, casting spells, launching your giants, and also shooting arrows at the best times at your opponents to win the game.

Stick War 3 Features

Although the game is full of surprises that I don’t want to spoil for you, I will be discussing some of the highlights of the Stick War 3 Mod Apk with you guys, so have a look at them below.

Collect Meaningful Resources

When you are battling with the stickman armies of your opponents in the battles in this game, they are not for nothing, Rather you will be fighting for some meaningful resources and items that you get after winning the battles. These can be ancient relics, magic spells, and many modern weapons.

Practice Against The AI

Many people are going to play a game of this kind for the first time in their lives so for all of those people, the game has a perfect AI practice mode that will teach you how to play this game more strategically and tactically.

Battle Against Friends

This stickman game also features a perfectly designed multiplayer mode where either you can form a team with your friend and fight with another player or for some other type of fun, you can challenge your friends for a face-off in the battleground.

Plenty Of Different Characters

If you are someone who is a fan of quantity, then don worry your hunger will be satisfied. The game has a set of 6 different character classes which makes this game even more interesting as each class has its own set of heroes and each class has distinct powers and skills. So you need to know about it before forming a combination for your army.

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I am not bragging but this is the best stickman action war game that I have played to date. Being the 3rd installment of the franchise, the Stick War 3 Mod Apk also has some major improvements as compared to its predecessors, so you should download this game can check it out.