Super Smash Bros

Every kid of the 90s has played Nintendo games in their life. And if not then they might have heard about them once in their lives. If you are here on this website, then it seems that you looking for the Super Smash Bros Apk. A game by the Masahiro Sakurai. It’s Ultimate Apk for android.

Game Overview

Super Smash Bros Apk

Super Smash Bros Apk

The Super Smash Bros game has always been famous for the number of characters it had. The game follows no rules or restrictions about the characters that it has. You will get characters from all the major series of cartoons from all over the world.

Initially, if you had played this smash bros series, then you would know that there were over 70 different characters with which you can play this game. All of them were equally powerful and had different skill sets.

But to your surprise, this game has kept all of those 70 different characters from all of the game series that it has launched under its name. And not only that the number of additional new characters that you get here exceeds 10.

So there is a lot more to enjoy for you here in this game. The only thing that you need to worry about is how you control these characters on the battlefield. The more you practice the more it is easy for you to handle these characters on the battlefield of the Super Smash Bros Apk.

Additional Information

Version 3.0
Size 50 MB
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Downloads 1000+
Updated on 25 May 2022
Category Games
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Super Smash Bros Gameplay

Super Smash Bros Apk

Super Smash Bros Apk

The characters in this game are termed as brawls and the quantity of these brawls, I have already told you about above. The game is a fighting game. Meaning you have to showcase your combat skills in the game.

There is a damage system in the Super Smash Bros Apk. It tells us how much damage or for how much time your hero will last in the game. If your damage bar is decreasing you must worry and try to save yourself from the attacks of the enemies as if it will reach zero, you will die and the game will end for you.

Super Smash Bros Features

Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros

Let’s know more about your favorite Super Smash Bros Apk in the following section of the features.

World Of Light

The world of light is the system of spirits that you will see in the offline game mode. As the offline game mode is the adventure mode here you will see that you can catch different spirits. These spirits are the different characters from different games. So a great thing for you is here in this form.

Game Rules

Almost every game has fixed rules for playing. This option that his game has is not available in any game that you will play. Here in this game, you can fully customize the playing rules according to yourself.

Character System

There is a 20-year-old history of this game. The characters from all of the games launched under this era have been added in this Super Smash Bros Apk. You will enjoy it a lot through the interaction with your all-time favorite heroes. Moreover, you will get 11 new characters that you can look for here in the game.

Adventure System

There are almost 7 different map categories in this game. You will have a whole world to explore. There are different tasks that you have to do and different types of spirits are available that you can get control of.


So here if you are looking to re-live your childhood by playing a really strong nostalgic game then the Super Smash Bros Apk is the game that you need to look at. Both the offline and online game modes are what you should look at while playing the game.