The Gunner Mod

It’s so amazing to see different new games being developed and we now have plenty of options to pass our time with them. The Gunner Mod Apk is another new game that we have brought for you today. To know more about it, read the full article till the very last sentence. Here you will get unlimited money and coins for free.

Game Overview

The Gunner Mod Apk

The Gunner Mod Apk

There are tons of games and the most fascinating thing about these games is that they all come up with a story that the whole game revolves around. But if you ask me about The Gunner Mod Apk, then this game has no story at all.

It’s just a shooter game with a new and unique concept. And believe me, it is one the hardest games I have ever played to date. So what is this game all about? Then for your kind information, I must tell you that the game is purely a stickman shooter game.

Here first you have to pick your playing character or simply the shooter. Later on, you can customize its look and appearance with the different shooter and assassin clothes and if you feel like it, you can have fun and party clothes as well.

Plenty of weapons are also available here in The Gunner Mod Apk. As who would expect a shooter game with no weapons at all? No one is right. So you can always unlock them with your money or get all of them unlocked already by downloading our modified version of the game.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.0 and up
Size 62 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 9 November 2022
Category Games
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The Gunner Gameplay

The Gunner Mod Apk

The Gunner Mod Apk

Remember that above I mentioned that this game is not so easy to play. I am still firm on my statement as here in the game your character is in the air just standing on a small platform.

So every time you shoot a bullet from your gun, the recoil is so strong and hard that you get off balance and next time aiming becomes so much more difficult. So you have to master the aim after the recoil hits and you can’t afford to spend too much time getting out of the impact of the recoil.

The Gunner Features

The Gunner

The Gunner

Tons of features are on the card of The Gunner Mod Apk. But below are the ones that I like the most. So let’s jump into these features.

One Click Shoot

The game is hard but the controls are easy. You have to aim at your opponent and when you feel that your aim is accurate then you just click on the screen or simply tap to shoot a bullet from your gun. Easy as it looks.

Look For The Recoil

Everyone knows that the gun has a recoil when a bullet is fired from it. But do you know that the recoil here in this is very much strong and it makes you go off balance from the platform you are standing on? Yes, you have to learn how to get out of the impact of that recoil quickly.

Already Unlocked Weapons

There is a huge collection of weapons on offer in this game. But the only difficulty is in unlocking them as you can’t make that much money easily, required to unlock those weapons. So we have put all the weapons already unlocked for you inside this modded version of the game.

Aim On Platform

Aiming at the person is very hard. Firstly you are standing on a platform that is in the air and is not steady. Secondly, when the recoil hits, its impact is so strong that your already set aim goes off. So in these situations, it becomes tough to aim at your opponent quickly, which is the real beauty of this game.

What’s New?

  • The Gunner is updated to version 1.2.0
  • Updated plugins only

Watch Gameplay


Once you learn the art to arm after the strong impact of the recoil, this game will become a piece of cake for you. But if you fail o learn and master this art, then The Gunner Mod Apk will be the toughest game you have played so far. So download it now and test your shooting and aiming skills.