VEGA Conflict Mod

Realtime strategy war games are played by many people and they love it. Here is a unique real-time PVP battle game that will take you to outer space and you can fight with space ships here in the VEGA Conflict Mod Apk. As a gift you will get unlimited money in our mod.

Game Overview

VEGA Conflict Mod Apk

VEGA Conflict Mod Apk

The VEGA Conflict Mod Apk is a space war game that is played in real-time against real players using the internet. So an internet connection is required to play this game.

The game can be termed an RPG. Because the game revolves around you being a captain of your space fleet have to guide them to victory. So you will take the role of the space captain who has the job of defining a very strong space fleet and guiding it to glory.

The main focus area of this game is real-time PVP battles, but the game can also be played in the offline story mode where you have to fight against the VEGA corporation based in space.

As you will have a captain in this VEGA Conflict Mod Apk so you can customize it in every possible way. From the facial characteristics to the physical appearance and other accessories like glasses, clothes, etc.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.0 and up
Downloads 1,000,000+
Size 99 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 5 June 2022
Category Games
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VEGA Conflict Gameplay

VEGA Conflict Mod Apk

VEGA Conflict Mod Apk

The vega conflict mod apk has the most advanced gameplay that you can imagine. The game includes different space warships that you can add to your fleet. The main playing area of the game is its online multiplayer mode. In this, you can either take your space fleet to space battles or you can also make alliances with your friends and build a clan to battle in team battles and space raids.

The gameplay also has a lab or a factory you can say. There you can easily collect different resources and items and from them, you can create your spaceships with distinct features.

VEGA Conflict Features

VEGA Conflict

VEGA Conflict

To know more about the VEGA Conflict Mod Apk, you have to look at the features of the game in the below section.

Be The Space King

Whether it be the online multiplayer mode where you fight against the real players, or may it be the offline mode where the conquering VEGA corp is your enemy you can build an unmatched space fleet and skill set of space battles to conquer the whole space.

Battle In Real-Time Space Fights

The space fights in the VEGA Conflict Mod Apk are a real treat for its gamers. The fights include solo battles against the random players and as well as the raid battles against different clans. You can also set up private rooms for private fights with your friends.

Real-Time Quick Choices

As the battles are all in real-time, so you have to quickly make decisions as the enemies won’t wait for you to think. Every attack will be sudden so your response should also be very quick.

Make Or Buy Ships

You can buy different space ships to add to your fleet from the game store. You can also make your ships for fighting from the different items and parts you collect during the fights.

Events And Challenges

To make the game even more challenging and interesting there have been added some weekly challenges and events that you can look forward to participating in. They have some cool awards and benefits for you if you win them and complete the tasks.


With the chat option available for both private team and general audience and the super cool graphics, you can’t miss out on this great game. Download the VEGA Conflict Mod Apk now and enjoy fighting in space battles.