Gangstar City Mod

Have you ever wondered to play game comprises over the theme of underworld or gangstar world? Gangstar City Mod Apk is an application covering the fun of the underworld. This application will provide you with thrilling fun from the world of gangsters.

Gangster City Mod Apk

Gangster City Mod Apk

You will be indulging in the game as the main character who will belong to the group of a wanted gangstar. You have to make him safely reach over the safest area near around.

Every street, road, building, store, and even hospital will be marked up on the map right over the screen. You will be guided over the map using clear color marks and dots leading you towards the safest place near you.

Additional Informaion

Name Gangstar City
Ratings 4.3
Size 2.0 GB
Version Latest
Total Downloads 100 M+
Updated on 18 February 2022
Category Games
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Gangster City

Gangster City

If you want to get to know about the latest and best features that you may found over this application before preceding installing this. Here we have a summarized list of features for you that will only help you get basic information about this but in detail.


The animation and graphics of this game are well developed that it is considered to be the basic factor toward the success of this game.

Users of this game have adored the graphics and animation module of this game as every detail in the game will be clearly defined and differentiated from others using different colors and shapes.

The live animation of this game will make this application more look like an animation movie instead of a typical gangstar game.


The movement of the character over the screen will be controlled through gesture control from the bottom of the screen. You can make your character move forward-backward, run, stand, walk, and sit in short every gesture can be implemented over it.

Top Vehicle

Gangstar City Mod Apk is loaded with top vehicles with the most amazing features, you can make your vehicle move in the street and roads of Vegas. The movement of your vehicle will also be controlled by using the basic gesture features.


As every assigned task in the game will reward you some amount of coins at the end so you will be able to customize your character in the game.

Customization of your character will not make him more powerful but what it will do is it will make the physical appearance of your character look good.

Powerful Weapons

You can select any powerful weapons for your character too. Your selected weapons will empower your character to service in the world of gangstar and crimes.

Race Anywhere

You can start racing anywhere with your powerful vehicle and heavy bikes this game is not all about roaming through the street of Vegas and killing people.

But it has some sub-features that collectively makes this application one of the best choice for you to play over mobile.

This game will provide you the racing environment of the heavy bikes and the vehicle, wherewith other players you will take part in the race and will be awarded at the end.


Being comprised of many sub-games Gangstar City Mod Apk will not make you bound over a single feature to use, every time you will get into this game you will found a thrilling fun and environment waiting for you to take part in different tasks.

Also, rewards earned from the tasks will be another fun that you may find over this application, there will be a lot of adventure waiting for you.