Dragon City Mod

Have you ever think of making a living place for the dragons? Or playing such games that will let you build an island for the powerful dragons. Dragon City Mod Apk is a game that will be based entirely on dragon world.

Dragon City Mod Apk

Dragon City Mod Apk

You will be the one who will check put each detail of the dragon island, you will create your dragons by breeding different species, later you will be asked to build a living place for them.

Each dragon will have their unique powers and later on, breeding dragons with different powers will rise a new breed of dragons.

The main focus of the game will be to make your dragons fight with each other and to choose the best dragon after the fight.

Later your task will be to build a new city for the dragon, keeping their habitat requirements in mind so the living place will be according to their habitat nature.

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Ratings 4.6
Size 117 MB
Total Downloads 100 M+
Version 12.1.1
Updated on 4 May 2022
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Dragon City

Dragon City

Create Dragon

Your first task will be to create a new dragon breed, by breeding different kinds of dragons you will surprise to see the new breed of the dragon being created.

Newly created dragons will have mixtures of powers of both parents hence showing some unique powers. Even look wise newly breaded dragon will be a mixture of both the parents.

New Dragons

The library of this game will be loaded with 100 dragons and you will never run out of dragons at any stage. Also, newly breaded dragons will be added up to your library every time. SO you will find many options for choosing among dragons.

Each dragon in the library will have its unique powers and you will be allowed to choose and switch between any dragons whenever you feel to.


Make your dragons do battle with each other, hence making other fellow dragons defeat it will be rewarded with many rewards including some superpowers too.

Build City

Besides creating and making new dragons your nest task will be to optimize the living condition of the island as per the need of the dragons.

Because dragons are used to living in such a habitat so your task will be to build such a livable environment for the dragons.


During the development and creation of new dragons, every detail of the game will be supported with live animations, these love animation will make this game worth downloading as its graphics provide a real HD view of everything.

Its animation is a key factor in the success of this animated game, it plays an important role in the success of this game.

Story Mode

Also, this game is based on story mode everything will be narrated in the form of the story first, guideposts will help you understand the basic requirement of every task being played.

Also, if you ever forget about the assigned task you can take a clue from the guideposts of this game too easily.


Besides providing the HD view of everything in the game still, it is compatible with almost every device with the basic requirement of android 4.2 and above.

This requirement is a basic requirement for any android game, so you will never be asked to have a high-end device for playing.

Modded Features

With the Modded version, you will find out some restrictions not being imposed on you, like some powerful dragons will be unlocked without paying for it.

Some of the succeeding stages will be unlocked also, without paying for those unlocking of those stages. In short Modded version is far better than that player who does not want to pay for in-app purchases in this game.

Guardian Tower

By unlocking old and powerful dragons from ancient times you will be rewarded with the guardian tower of the dragons that will protect your dragons.

Each territory will be supported and protected with guardian towers that will make better protection of your dragon within your territory.


Dragon City

Dragon City

No doubt Dragon City Mod Apk is supported by many high-end features is considered to be one of the best games including dragons as main characters.

Being supported with live animations this game will surely provide you with many options to spend your time on.


Q: Is Dragon City available on the google play store?

Yes, its official version is available on the google play store.

Q: Does Dragon City include in-app purchases?

Yes, it does include in-app purchases over a few features of the game including unlocking some exciting stages and some powerful dragons

Q: How can we download the Modded version of Dragon City?

For Modded you will never find out authentic and secure website than mobapks.com, we here are providing you the authentic source for downloading this game.