War Strike Mod

If you are looking for the War Strike Mod Apk game then you have landed in the right place. Today here we are going to tell you about an amazing first-person shooter game. The name is War Strike and is an offline best-shooter game that has been doing wonders ever since it was released.

Game Overview

War Strike Mod Apk

War Strike Mod Apk

This game is for all those dudes who want an offline game but that too with the full features of a multiplayer game. So in this game, you will be a soldier who has to become a hero for his people and save them from the hordes of enemies.

You will be fighting with plenty of enemies in FPS style. But first, you have to make a character for yourself. Select the clothes that you love and set the physical appearance of your man.

Later you can have plenty of different weapons when playing in the offline campaign mode. These weapons have different weapon skins that can be added to them for a nice custom experience.

Upgrading your weapons will also give you more power and strength. But weapons are of no use if you don’t have the required skill to play the game. So develop that skill if you want to succeed in this game.

Additional Information

Requires Android
5.0 and up
Downloads 1,000,000+
Ratings 4+
Size 77 MB
Updated on 21 November 2022
Category Games
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War Strike Gameplay

War Strike

War Strike

This is an FPS game with a major focus on the offline campaign mode. The designs are spectacular with all the necessary elements regarding controls already put on the screen.

The War Strike Mod Apk also has an online PVP game mode where you can take your friends and team up with them to fight against other teams or you can also have the luxury to play this game as a battle royale game in the online battle royale game mode.

War Strike Features

War Strike

War Strike

If you want to know more features of the War Strike Mod Apk, then you should check out the features of this game listed below.

Unlock Different Characters

This game is a roleplaying game and here you will be given different characters to play with. You can earn money and pass levels to get the freedom to unlock different other characters with more power and different fighting styles.

Start Your Campaign

If you want to play the game offline then you have the campaign mode. You can select your character and jump into the campaign mode and solve all the missions assigned to you. In all of the missions, you have to kill as many enemies as you can as there will be a lot of them. So pick your gun and shoot.

Design Your Character

You will also get the chance to design your character before the game begins. You can add different attributes and select the costumes for your fighter. As there are regular costume upgrades with each week having a new theme, so you can look forward to that also.

Plenty Of Weapons To Use

As this is a First Person Shooter game so you will be having plenty of different guns for yourself. You can unlock different powerful guns and also upgrade the ones that you have. More guns mean more power so collect all of them.

A Battle Royale Game Mode

This game also features a battle royale game mode for the players. The entire concept is the same just like other battle royale games but the elements and graphics are of top quality. The gun skins can be unlocked and then used in the mode.


If you were looking for a premium first-person shooter game that can be played offline then you have got that. Just download this War Strike Mod Apk and enjoy shooting the hordes of enemies with your guns.