Battle Of Warships Mod

The sea battles have always been admired in history. Nowadays all nations are investing in their naval powers. So if you like sea battle games and also warships, then read our today’s article as the Battle Of Warships Mod Apk is the game that we will be discussing today.  Note in our hack version you will get unlimited money, gold, and platinum for free.

Game Overview

Battle Of Warships Mod Apk

Battle Of Warships Mod Apk

So the Battle Of Warships Mod Apk is a multiplayer sea war game where all you have to do is to dive into the multiplayer action with your sea warship and fight with real opponents in the vast oceans.

The whole ocean is available in this game to use as your battle arena. The only way to defeat your opponent and not get killed is to be the one who fires. If your opponent fires his weapons first, you will lose.

Different ships more than 20 of them are available in the game to use as your war companions. Equipping any ship that you own is a big advantage and the most important thing to do.

Without adequate weapons, your ship is of no use as your opponents will always have upgraded high-tech weapons with their ships. Easy joystick controls have been added in the Battle Of Warships Mod Apk to control your ship, so if you are even a beginner, you won’t face any difficulty in controlling your ship.

Additional Information

Requires Android
Requires Android
Downloads 10,000,000+
Size 125.6Mb
Ratings 4+
Updated on 5 August 2022
Category Games
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Battle Of Warships Gameplay

Battle Of Warships Mod Apk

Battle Of Warships Mod Apk

The Battle Of Warships Mod Apk is beginner friendly due to its easy-to-operate controls. Moreover, at the start, you are always matched with beginner-level players. And when you progress in the game, to ensure fair competition, you are matched with your same-level players.

Your only task in the game is to take your ship with you and wait for your opponent to arrive. And when he does, it should be you who fires first, as if he does it in the first place, you will be having a lot of damage to your ship that you can’t control and ultimately you will be eliminated from the match.

Battle Of Warships Features

Battle Of Warships

Battle Of Warships

The features of the Battle Of Warships Mod Apk have been listed in the below section. Let’s now look at them.

Create Your Own Ship Fleet

This is not the thing that you can do in this game if you are a beginner. To create a fleet you will need money to buy different ships and after that, you can create your fleet of ships to take on the opponents in the real-time PVP matches.

Thrilling PVP Sea Wars

The whole sea will be your battle arena and there will be different players competing for the top spot. You can take part in these thrilling sea wars and fight with the most challenging opponents.

20 Different Ships

In the game, you will have the luxury to use 20 different types of ships. These are locked at the start and need money to unlock them. But with your modified version of the game, you will get all of the ships already unlocked from the beginning.

Weather Changes Dynamically

When you are fighting in the sea you will face 2 threats. One is the opponents you are fighting against and the other is the weather of the sea that is unpredictable. It can change at any time during the match and can hurt your strategy very much.

Radar And Sound System

When the opponent arrives on the battlefield you will have the radar to detect its location. And when this opponent comes near you, you will get a beep sound that notifies you. After that, the first thing to do is to fire your weapons as soon as you hear the beep.


The Battle Of Warships Mod Apk is a game for all ocean lovers. If you want to rule the ocean, then no other game provides this luxury and thrill in a better way than the Battle Of Warships Mod Apk. So get ready and download the game right now.