Wrestling Revolution 2D Mod

Today the game that I am going to share with you guys is not an ordinary wrestling game. This Wrestling Revolution 2D Mod Apk will not only allow you to fight as a wrestler but you will also be controlling a whole wrestling organization or a company. So get ready to dive into the details of this game.

Game Overview

Wrestling Revolution 2D Mod Apk

Wrestling Revolution 2D Mod Apk

The game is not all about fighting. You have to play in a simulated environment and control a whole wrestling organization. In the Wrestling Revolution 2D, you will get the chance to arrange fights, construct different types of arenas, manage finances and hire or upgrade wrestlers.

While making a profit for your wrestling organization, if you feel bored you can always switch to the playing mode where you will be fighting against the real players by yourself.

So the game is a mix and match of simulation and management and also fighting as real sports will be available to you here.

You have different buttons for the different controls. Although the game is a 2D game you get the most perfect game dynamics and real fighting moves and styles. Famous special moves like the choke slam, skull crusher, DDT, and other locks are available for you.

Additional Information

Requires Android
Requires Android
Size 51 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 1 November 2022
Category Games
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Wrestling Revolution 2D  Gameplay

Wrestling Revolution 2D Mod Apk

Wrestling Revolution 2D Mod Apk

The Wrestling Revolution 2D Mod Apk brings 2-dimensional graphics for you. But the controls are very smooth with realistic game mechanics. You get two types of controls in this game. The first ones are the button controls with different buttons on the screen for the different actions.

The other one is the touch controls. In this you have to do different gestures like a pinch in, using two fingers, using touch or slide to perform the movement, etc.

Wrestling Revolution 2D Features

Wrestling Revolution 2D

Wrestling Revolution 2D

The following are the features that you need to be aware of while playing the Wrestling Revolution 2D Mod Apk. So check them out below.

Create Your Wrestlers

In this game, you can create your wrestler. Yes, you can select the body shapes and the muscle sizes along with the other physical attributes. You can also set the fighting and defensive attributes along with the special actions and the attacks that the player will perform.

Tap To Hit

If you are playing with the gesture controls, then you can easily tap on the body part of the opponent to attack at that spot. This is a tricky playing control but you can master it very easily.

Fight Online

You can switch to the multiplayer online fighting mode whenever you want. You just have to select the best fighter or the wrestler from your roaster and take him in the fight so that chances of winning are high.

Arrange Different  Fights

Apart from playing and fighting as a wrestler, you can also play as an owner and manager of the whole wrestling organization. You have to arrange fights between different players and can also arrange tournaments between different regions.


This is a 2D wrestling game but with great gameplay mechanics. You can play the offline mode to get a better understanding of the game while managing your entire wrestling organization. You get real actions and fighting styles from the WWE in this Wrestling Revolution 2D Mod Apk. So don’t miss this game.