One of the best Malaysian mini mobile TV applications. 6Tv Apk will provide you ease to watch live TV channels on your android phone or any gadget having an android operating system installed over it.

6TV Apk

6TV Apk

It will help you watch high-quality TV dramas, movies, and other content of your interest. You can play with this application to watch the content of your interest.

This application will let you watch TV dramas and movies not only from Malaysia but from all over the world.

This application will stream live channels in 20 languages so there is a great diversity of geographic location.

You will not be bound to watch the content only one time or only from a single state or country.  With HD graphics watch the news, dramas, movies, and sitcoms all over from the world.

Additional Information

Name 6tv Apk
Version V8.9
Size 2.8MB
Developed by James crook
Ratings 4 out of 5
Updated 28 March 2023
Category TV
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This rich feature application will provide you all those features which you can find on a TV screen. Some of the best and top-rated features for your ease are mentioned below.

Diversity in Channels

There is a huge diversity in the number of channels you can watch more than 350 channels from this single application


You can watch moves for free and you will not be asked for any subscription fee for that. If you like any video or movie you can save it for later.

Kids Space

6tv Apk will provide kids space too. That is the kids will watch animated movies of full length without any subscription.

No Root

This application will not ask you for root. So no root is required all you have to do is to click on the link it will start you downloading at once.


This application is safe to install and use. It will not harm your phone and the data in your phone.

News and Headlines

Watch all breaking news and latest headlines from the entire world.

Push Notification

You can enable push notifications for the latest news that is if you want to stay in touch with every single update ten turns on the push notification.

Automatic Update

The application will be updated automatically. You can select so by changing the settings for the background update.

Contents Diversity

There will be huge diversity among the content and the type of content select the content of your interest you will not be a force to watch the suggested content.

The interface of this application is kept so easy to use that it will not require any prior knowledge before.


Videos and movies will be categorized in a good manner and in the form of a catalog that will let you access them easily.


This application is not only free to install but also it will not ask you for any monthly subscription.


Compatibility of this application id android 4.1 and above. So you don’t need to owe any high-end device for installation.


Along with that, this is a very light-weighted application and 6tv Apk will not bother you for the storage.

Favorite List

As mentioned above if you like any content you can save it for a later watch but if you are liking any series then like it to your favorites so that it will be easily accessible for you later


If you watch any interest of content repeatedly this application will start suggesting you the content you are having an interest in. So you don’t have to search for that regularly to get into that.


This application is safe to install and use. Users of this application are quite happy about the security concern of this application.


As far as a verdict is concerned about mobile TV application no matter which one is whether 6tvany other the main key benefit will be you will not be bound to any geographic location. Move freely around and watch TV dramas and movies but make sure to have stable interest connect,

But as far as 6tv is concerned this application has all the best features and tools which one can expect from it. You will find this application worth downloading then.


Q: Is the 6tv mobile application is free to use?

Yes, this application is free to install.

Q: Is the 6tv mobile application is safe to install?

Yes, this application is safe and secure.

Q: Is 6tv is available on the google play store?

No, it is not but doesn’t worry you can still download it from our website.