Shehzad TV

 In today’s developing world hardly there is a person who doesn’t have a smartphone. Every task is being carried out on the go on these smartphones. The same is the case with the television. Most people now are shifting towards smartphones to view their television channels. So this Shehzad TV is an app that provides the same access to television channels.

Shehzad TV

Shehzad TV

Now there is a lot of TV streaming application on the play store and app store. All of them run very smoothly. You can watch news channels, sports channels, entertainment channels, and informative channels there.

The only problem that these TV streaming applications have is that they all come from a western background and have the channels that they use to watch. There is a big gap and problem for the audience of the subcontinent, especially India and Pakistan. That these applications don’t cover our channels so we were deprived of the service.

Now this problem is solved by the Shehzad TV, where you will be able to watch all the Indian and Pakistani channels and their content with much ease and comfort. This application is very easy and simple to use and has all the content that you would want to watch.

Additional Information

Version v1.0.8
Required Android 4.0 and Up
Ratings 4+
Price Free
Updated on 26 April 2024
Installs 10,000+
Category TV
Get it on the Play Store Not Available



The Shehzad TV is an application that lets you watch all of your favorite Indian and Pakistani dramas, channels, and TV shows, on your smartphone. As this service is free for all, it is a great deal to avail for you.

There was a time when people used to watch all of their favorite content on their TV stations. But after the advent of smartphones, people shifted to this portable device for their needs.

Now as the demand for watching TV shows and channels on smartphones was increasing, there was a need for such applications that covered all of the channels and shows in one place. This problem was solved by many applications.

But these applications had nothing for the audience of Pakistan and India as they didn’t have their channels and shows on them. Shehzad TV application solved this problem and provided a platform where all of the Indian and Pakistan channels and contents can be watched in one place.

Now, this application is free to use so you can download and watch all of your favorite shows, and channels. You can watch sports here like you can stream live IPL matches from your mobile device along with the PSL. You watch all of your favorite TV drama shows from both India and Pakistan. The game has also a lot of Movie channels so you can entertain yourself by watching all of those.

News is the most-watched thing on the TVs. So you can watch every News channel on this application. Whether it be a piece of international news or local, you can watch them all on this application.

This application was designed for the Pakistani audience. But it is not limited to them only. Any person around the world can download and get benefit from this application.


Shehzad TV

Shehzad TV

The features of the Shehzad TV are provided below.

Watch Different Channels

You can watch all of the different channels on this application. Whether it be news or sports, you can watch them all.

Chose Your Own Quality

As there are different internet speeds in different regions, so for your ease, you can select the viewing quality according to your internet connection. The application can also determine the best quality automatically according to your network speed.

Free To Use

The application is free to use. You don’t have to pay any fee to watch any of the content available on the application. You can enjoy more free tv apps from Mobapks such as Cloud TV, Ome Tv, Youtube TV, etc.


So if you want an application that had all of your favorite TV shows and channels in one place, then download the Shehzad TV application now and stream your favorite content free of cost.

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