YouTube TV Mod

Among some default applications in the mobile device no doubt YouTube has got its place. But not every user suing YouTube feels comfortable with it because of a long way of ads popping on screen.

YouTube TV Mod Apk

YouTube TV Mod Apk

YouTube TV Mod Apk is a solution to all those problems that you might feel on the official version of YouTube that is from ads to the quality of the video this application is committed to resolving them all.

You will access every video of your YouTube video it will work on the same algorithm as that of YouTube but has much more modification in it.

It will recommend videos of your choice, you will have full access over searching of your required video.

In short, it has all features that YouTube officials will provide you along with some added new features that make this application worth downloading.

Additional Information

Name YouTube TV 
Size 7.1 MB
Android Support 4.0 and above
Version 4.74.8
Ratings 3.9
Updated on 28 March 2023
Category TV App
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YouTube TV

YouTube TV

4K support

In YouTube TV Mod Apk you will have the option to watch videos in full HD mode, it will support 4K mode no matter which Android device you will be using you will be amazed to see the video quality of this application.

Even on smaller Android devices, you will watch the full HD view of the videos, as this feature lacks in official YouTube applications it does not support full HD views on smaller devices.

Log-in Support

This version of YouTube is fully supported with log-in support, you can log in through your valid email address, and can make your account reserve later you can log out of your account too if you want to hand over your device to any other user.

In such a way no one will watch through your search history and the recommendations, if multi-users are using the same device to access YouTube TV Mod Apk every user keeping their privacy can log in through personal email and password.

Supports Tv- Screen

Also, you can make this application run on any smart TV appliance, every features that you can found on the android device will be accessible over the smart TV too.

Multilingual Keyboard

Also, this application is supported with a multilingual keyboard too so if you are not a native English speaker you can type your required data in your language too because the keyboard of this application supports many other languages than English too.

Automatic Update

Also, this application has the most intelligent feature which is the automatic update with update without notifying you this application will start updating automatically.

So without notifying you to update this application manually it will start its update automatically and once on completion of the update it will notify you.

Google Service

Also, this application does not depend upon any google services too, still, it will run smoothly on any android device.


The interface of this application is quite easy and well managed, it has almost the same interface as that of the YouTube official.

Easy Installation

Also, no matter you are installing this application over your smartphone or the fire TV the installation tie will take will less than 5 minutes, it’s quite easy to install and later be used upon any device.

No Ads

Most of all it will never be going to pop up any ads on your screen, it will play video of any length so smoothly without ads notification.


No doubt YouTube TV Mod Apk is full of all those features that you can found on YouTube along with newly added features too so it better to use this application over the official one.