HD Streamz

You might have seen a lot of video streaming mobile on google play store and on the internet too. But the problem that everyone feels with those applications is the monthly-based subscriptions are quite expensive to afford.

HD Streamz Apk is based on IPTV technology that will catch all of your TV signals across your area. This will show all channels in the form of a catalog from where the user can switch among various channels.

HD Streamz Apk

HD Streamz Apk

This application is free to use and will provide you access to TV channels from all over the world.

You will also not be bound to watch the channels of the same category but the variation among the channels will be available.

Additional Information

Name HD Streamz Apk
Size 12.7 MB
Version 3.7
Operating System Android Based
Android Requirement  4.0 and above
Updated 5 January 2023
Category Tv
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To elaborate on the all features of this application we have mentioned and categorized all of the best features of this application below.

  • Genre
  • IPTV
  • Radio Channels
  • Versatility
  • Country-wise Content
  • Free
  • Safe
  • Interface

Mini Television

This mobile application will work as a mini television on the to-go option. Having all the features that you can found on your TV screen this is said to be portable TV because a user will not be bounded to a physical location anymore.


Along with that, this application is compatible with almost all android based phones and devices so there will be no worry about the support of the application by the devices. Channels

On this application, you could watch almost 600 TV channels. And there will be no restriction over the time-limited and the monthly subscriptions


You will not the bound to watch the channels of the same category but you will have access to the variations of channels that are from entertainment to movie channels.


As mentioned above this application is based on IPTV technology that helps you to catch all the signals and frequency of the TV channels around you

Radio Channels

Not only the TV channels but you will also be using the radio on your phone. This application will also catch the radio signals around you.


As mentioned above the variation of this application for video and radio channels. This shows the versatility of the application.

Country-wise Content

Along with that, you will n be bound to watch the content of another country. But you will be free to watch the content from different countries you want to.


Best of all is that HD Streamz Apk is free to install and use. This will not ask you for any monthly based subscriptions too.


Security-wise this application is also recommended by users who are already using this application, along with that its security has been assured by the developers.


The interface of this application is not only easy to use but is well managed that everything will be in the form of a catalog that will provide you a very basic and easy interface to use the application and it will not ask you for any technical skill also.

Go-to Option

Being quite handy this application will behave as your go-to option as far as TV live streaming is concerned this will let you join that too if you want to. This is one of the best handy options ever developed.


As far as a verdict from our side is concerned this application is safe to install and use. You will have a better experience than ever. The versatility of the TV channels will make this application worth installing and use.

So if you are looking for a mobile-based TV application you should give the application at least a try. This is recommended from our side.


Q: Is this HD Streamz mobile application is free to install?

Yes, this will not ask you for a single penny to install.

Q: Is this HD Streamz mobile application is available on the google play store?

No, this application is available on the google play store so far.

Q: Is this HD Streamz mobile application needs monthly subscriptions?

No, this application does not need any monthly based subscriptions at all. As mentioned these features makes this application worth installing.

Q: Can we play radio on the HD Streamz application?

Yes, you can because this application does not only work for TV screens but will let you hear radio channels also.