Muskan TV

If you are fed up with paying to watch your favorite movies and web series and also want to watch your favorite TV channels on your phones without having to pay for any subscription fee then you are in the right place. The Muskan TV is a very popular video streaming application that will solve all of your problems in no time.


Muskan TV

Muskan TV

This application is a service-based app that is a video streaming platform for people who want free content. This app has a huge list of movies, web series, TV shows, and much more.

If you are a huge fan of movies and that too of Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, etc but don’t want to pay for heavy subscription charges, then this is the app to download.

This app has all of the movies of all of the OTT platforms that you can stream for free. You don’t have to pay any sort of money. All of the content here is sorted into different categories and subcategories.

So you will have an easy in browsing your favorite movies and web series. Also, a smart AI system has been implemented that let’s give recommendations based on your preferences and watching history.

Additional Information

Version V12.8
Required Android 4.4 and up
Size 15 MB
Ratings 4+
Downloads 1000+
Updated on 28 March 2023
Category TV App
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muskan tv

muskan tv

No matter where you are and from where you belong, the app has a huge list of movies for you. A lot of Bollywood classics and modern movies are present here in the app.

If you are a fan of Television shows then don’t worry as Muskan TV has got you covered. It also provides a free-of-cost TV streaming service where you will be able to watch live content such as sports, news, movies, drama series, wildlife channels, etc.

The streaming quality of this app is very high. You don’t have to wait for a long time for only buffering purposes as the servers are very fast and reliable. You can watch your favorite content in multiple resolutions.

Muskan TV Features

Muskan TV is a feature-rich video streaming service so there are lots of features that we are going to discuss below. So have a look at them below.

Multi-Device Support

This video streaming application can be accessed on different devices such as smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and other devices, giving you the freedom to watch your favorite content on the device of your choice. This feature makes it easier for you to watch your content on the go.

Free Of Cost

All of the content here on the app is free of cost and you don’t have to pay for any movie or any web series that you want to watch. Unlike OTT platforms, this app does not charge you for anything. You just have to open the app and play the video that you want.

Free Live TV

If you are a fan of news, then this app has a live TV section where you can watch different news channels. For the people who love sports, global sports channels are also available for you to stream.

User-friendly Interface

This video streaming application has a very user-friendly interface which makes it easy for you to navigate and find the content you are looking for. The interface is easy to use and allows you to search and filter content by different criteria, such as language, genre, and more.


In short, this TV app is a free video streaming service that offers live TV, movies, and TV shows. Muskan TV is also a user-friendly app that offers a wide variety of content and is available on multiple devices. Now with this app, you don’t have to worry about the money in your pocket. Just hit the download button and enjoy unlimited free content.