Ola TV

For people who love to watch TV dramas and movies Ola TV Apk is like a boon. User can watch their favorite drama, movie, and comics here.

This TV is a live streaming service too that will stream all of your favorite dramas around the globe anytime and anywhere.

Ola Tv Apk

Ola Tv Apk

Most of all it is supported by almost every version of android mobile and android operating system-based devices so you will not be asked to get a high-end device to get into this application.

This application is also supported with hardware so the gestures are controlled with the hardware devices too like the Fire TV stick and other TV-controlled devices.

You will no longer be bound to a specific power socket or specific location to watch dramas and movies, you will have your pocket-size television every time you move around.

Additional Information

Version 13.5
Size 11.98 MB
Total downloads 60 K+
Ratings 4.0
Last update 3 June 2023
Developed by IPTVDROID
Category Tv
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Ola Tv

Ola Tv

Being a mobile TV application this application does have many similar features to that of other applications. But some of its best features out of many have been discussed below.

If you want to learn and understand its features then stay tuned till the end.

IPTV Channels

Being based on IPTV Ola TV Apk will allow you to watch content from all over the world. This application will stream almost 5 thousand TV channels from all over the world.

You will find diversity among local and international channels. You will be not restricted to watching the channels of your areas only but from the entire globe that is including India, UAE, Canada, and many more.

Ola TV will stream your loved channels around the globe you will longer be bound to watch the TV channels of your state and country only.

User Interface

The interface of this application has been kept so easy and clear that it will no longer require any prior skill. Users with no technical skills are using this application with much ease.

Search Filters

The search filter is one of its best features users will search for whatever content they want to. And everything search will appear in the form of a list so the user will select the required one.


Ola TV is completely free to use and it will not cost you any fee for the installation or for in-app purchases.

Along with that, the subscription to this TV is free of cost you will no longer be asked to pay anything for monthly subscriptions.


Ola TV Apk can be used on multiple platforms that as Windows PC, Mac, Android-based devices, etc.


This application is ads-free. Users will not be bothered by pop-up notifications of the ads.


Ola TV app will ask for only one-time registration. After that, you will not be asked to provide any further personal information at all. Sot his application is safe and sound to install.

Frequent Updates

With every update new movies, dramas and channels will be added to the library. So the user will never run out of a library of new content.


No longer be user bound to watch only the same category content. There will be great diversity among the content and its type like entertainment, funny, action, etc.


After reading the entire article you can tell and accept the diversity of the content and its type. So no doubt TV Apk is the best application having all those features which one can find in any Television.

This application is recommended from our side but being a Modded application there is still some privacy issue faced by users.

But for the sake of entertainment, you can try this application at least once.


Q: Is Ola TV free of cost to install?

Yes, this application is free of cost to install.

Q: Is Ola TV safe to install?

Yes, this application is safe to install. But being a Modded version this application has some privacy issues.

Q: Is Ola TV available on the google play store?

No, this application is not available on the google play store yet.

Q: How can we install Ola TV on a mobile device?

As this application is not available on the play store but you can still download this application from our website by clicking the above-mentioned link.