RedStar Tv

The content consumption on smartphones is increasing at a very fast pace, whether it be audio content, video content, or any sort of game, users are availing this opportunity every day. The most consumed and preferred type of content is video content. Now due to that reason, the number of streaming applications like RedStar Tv is also increasing day by day.

RedStar Tv

RedStar Tv

As you know the demand for video content is increasing very quickly. Users are watching tons and tons of videos on daily basis, but their hunger for more and new content does not seem to die. So for that reason, the amount of video streaming applications is also increasing and there are a lot of apps like that.

Now the only drawback that they have is that most of these apps are either paid fully or partially paid. This requires you to pay a fee to access the application. So to tackle this problem we have brought a new TV and video streaming application for you.

The RedStar Tv is a free-to-use video streaming application that gives you easy and free access to a huge quantity of video content. Now you do not need to give a fee to watch your favorite movies on your smartphones as this application will give you that for free.

Additional Information

Version v3.4
Required Android 4.0 and Up
Ratings 4+
Price Free
Updated on 28 March 2023
Installs 10,000,000
Category TV
Get it on the Play Store Not Available



If you want to watch all of your favorite movies and Tv shows on your smartphones without giving a single penny, then the RedStar Tv is the best application for you. The amount of free content that this application has is insane and all of that is for free.

First of all, as this is a video streaming application, it has a large amount and database of movies in it. Whether it be Hollywood or Bollywood, or any other Asian movie, you can watch that with the help of this application.

Apart from that most people are very fond of sports, whether it be football or cricket, they prefer to watch it on their smartphones. But due to the high subscription fee of the platforms and services they are unable to do this activity. But with the RedStar Tv, you can stream all of your sports matches Live for free. As an alternative, you can also use free Shehzad TV As well.

Food and travel videos are also very fun and most people who like to travel and eat like and watch this kind of content on an everyday basis. So for that audience, this application has all of that video content covered.

The application also comes in dark mode and the UI of the application is also very much easy and can give competition to most of the premium streaming platforms. Other than that you can also read jokes daily on this application.


RedStar Tv

RedStar Tv

All the exciting features of the RedStar Tv are mentioned below.

No Subscription Fee

Unlike many other streaming platforms, that charge a fee to access their services, this application is free to use and provides easy access to all of the content for free.

Movie Streaming

If you are a movie lover then on this app you watch tons of movies in HD quality. The huge database of movies is waiting for you to be explored.

Travel Videos

If you are a traveler, then this application will help you a lot as there is a lot of informative travel video content available on this platform.

Live Shows

You can also stream live shows like news and sports matches on your smartphones with the help of this application.


If you want easy and free access to a large amount of video content and that too in HD quality with fast streaming, then the RedStar Tv is the optimum application for you to download.