IMovie Apk

Imovie Apk/App allows you to create, and edit export videos at high quality on your iOs devices especially iPhone, iPod touch, etc. iMovie app allows you to mix audio, video, images, and effects together to form a professional video that gains the attention of the audience.

iMovie apk

iMovie apk

You can add existing videos to this video editor like viva video editor, PowerDirector video editor, and ActionDirector or you can record your video directly from this app as well.

Working with iMovie is very simple and easy you can easily trim, cut, and can add different types of filters and effects to your videos with a couple of clicks.

iMovie apk

iMovie apk

With this video editor, you can easily forward, and reverse your videos, everyone can easily slow down or can increase the speed of the current video, and can zoom out and zoom in.

IMovie has  8 themes that help you to create attractive movies. Which allows you to customize your own titles and location details

1 January 2023
Size 25M
Current Version
Requires Android
4.1 and up
Content Rating
Rated for 3+
Category Video Editor
Get it on the Play Store Not Available

How to use the iMovie app

iMovie apk

iMovie apk

Alternative Video Editing apps:

Step 1: Create a New Project

Click the Create project button on the main panel

Next, you will have to present a Movie or trailer

Step 2: Edit your clips in iMovie

  • iMovie offers various ways to edit your clips
  • You can edit the length of the clip, change the beginning or end of the clip
  • You can divide one long clip into multiple short clips
  • You can duplicate the clips as well.
  • Add background music to your video
  • Change the transition between clips

How to shorten your clip in iMovie?

  • If you have a long clip and you are not happy with it, don’t worry its easy to change the start or endpoint
  • If you want to short your clip change the beginning and endpoint first tap on the clip so that it is outlined in yellow
  • Press and hold the yellow bar for some time at the start of the clip and drag it to the point that you like the clip to start.
  • Change the point where the clip ends.  now swipe to the end of the clip, tap again so it is outlined as yellow, and drag back to where you want to end the clip

How to duplicate the clip

If you want to make some part of the clip duplicate then using this app it’s very easy to happen with few tabs. when you are editing some sort of video then sometimes we need a clip that is used multiple times in a video so you can easily add duplicate clips using this app.

Just tap on the clip and choose duplicate

How to Undo in iMovie?

During video editing, it frequently happens that you did mistakes many times. So don’t worry about these mistakes you can undo the action using this app easily.

Tap the Undo Icon [an arrow bending back to itself] present to the right of the main pane.

How to edit the Audio of the Clip?

If you click on the Detach Imovie will separate audio from the given video. Now you can easily edit your audio separately from your video. For example, you might want to remove noise from the audio, etc.

How to Slow down for Fast your video clip?

Sometimes we need to make a fast part of the video or to slow down the part of the video to do this is very simple using this app.

Click on the speedometer icon to add slow motion or fast motion to the video.

You will see an area below the clip highlighted in yellow,  Now drag the beginning and endpoint of the video where you want to speed up or slow down your video.

slide the control closer to either the tortoise (slow) or hare (fast).

Transitions and how to change them?

This app provides a lot of transitions including:

  • None
  • Theme
  • Dissolve
  • Side
  • Wipe
  • Fade

How to Change Transition

  • To change the style of your video from the default tab on the icon that you will see between the clip.
  • This opens a menu from which you can choose the transition that you want.
iMovie app

iMovie app

Custom Music and Voice

  • Capable of voice-overs and soundtrack
  • Can edit music volume
  • It helps you to add voice and music  to your videos
  • You can add songs to the videos from the music library easily
  • provides variations in audio effects

Create Beautiful Movies

  • Using iMovies you can start your new project from the home screen very quickly
  • with 8 unique themes, this app provides the functionality to add different transitions, music and matching titles
  • Gives you a perfect video look with 10 different video filters.
  • Give perfect look to your videos by slow motion, fast motion, review and forward options, picture-in-picture, and split-screen.
  • Make your video perfect by adding music and built-in audio to your videos
  • Provides keyboard shortcuts to edit your videos quickly.

IMovie Everywhere

Use the iMovie extension to enhance video clips right in the Photos app


You can make slide shows with the help of this app. A slide show means you can add different pictures and combine them to make a video just like a slide show and with this slide show you can add music to make your slide show more perfect.

Merge videos

you can combine two different videos or part of any video of your original video using this app easily which helps you to create every kind of video like youtube videos.

Cut Videos

you can cut the part of any existing video using this app easily just import the video and start cutting the parts of the video that you don’t like.

Rotate Videos

You can rotate your videos at any angle using this app like horizontal and vertical positions.


You can add different kinds of transitions to your videos to make your videos professional.

Conclusion and Suggestion

If you are using iPhone then this app is for you you can download this app and can start professional editing you can make videos that you want because this app provides you a large number of functions in one single app.