KineMaster Diamond

If are you looking for KineMaster Diamond Apk then you are at the right place. Here we have an original apk of KineMaster Diamond. you can  Download KineMaster Diamond Apk free from here with all its premium features having no watermark. We always provide original apk for our users.

kinemaster diamond apk

kinemaster diamond apk

KineMaster Diamond is a famous video editor across the world. Its amazing features make this editor different from other video editors like Viva Video Editor app, Action director video editor, and Power Director.

If you want to edit videos like a professional video editor then this app is for you. This app is so easy to use that even newbies can edit videos like a professional video editor. If you are new to video editing and you don’t know how to use complex video editing software then this app is for you.

If you are a Youtuber and you have a channel then I think KineMaster diamond is best for this purpose among all the video editors available in the market. You can use other versions of kinemaster like Green kinemaster for the same purpose both have slightly different functionalities depending upon the need of the video editor.

KineMaster diamond got too much popularity after it was launched. Its amazing features attract every video editor to leave other video editors and to make this video editor their choice.

Download Kinemaster Diamond

Download Kinemaster Diamond

Additional Information

Name KineMaster Diamond
Size 70 MB’s
Developer KineMaster
Developer Mobapks
Category Video Editor
Required Android 4.1 and up
Last Updated 5 February 2024
Latest Version

Alternative Video Editors

Do you want to download Kinemaster Diamond? then you are in the right place we have the original apk of this version. You have to follow the given steps to get its original apk on your android mobiles.

  • Click on the download button given below
  • Once you click on the download button
  • Soon your downloading will be started.
  • The Downloading process will take some time to complete
  • Once your downloading is complete
  • Click on the install option
  • This will ask you to allow some permission
  • Allow that permission
  • Congrats you have successfully downloaded the KineMaster Diamond

How to Use Kinemaster Diamond-Watch Video

If you don’t know how to use this version of kinemaster then watch this video tutorial. This video will teach you to step by step how to use this version of kinemaster. Watch this video till the end

Features of KineMaster Diamond

Home Interface

Home Interface

As everyone knows KineMaster Diamond is popular for every kind of video editings like Videos for youtube, Facebook and Instagram so everyone wants to know about what its special features make Kinemaster Diamond different from other video editors. So here are the features of Kinemaster Diamond that you are going to love all.

No watermark

As everyone is irritated with watermarks so this irritation is no more in this KineMaste Diamond. Yes, you can download Kinemaster Diamond with no watermark so get the benefits of premium features for free.

All Premium Features Free

As everyone knows that to get premium features of any tool you have to pay for it. But everyone cannot afford to purchase these apps. But don’t worry you can get all premium features free when you will download Kinemaster Diamond from here.

Enabled Chroma Key

As chroma key is very important in video editing. Everyone whats to change the background of the video so this version of Kinemaster Diamond will have the chroma key enabled.

No Root

As we know most of the modded apps require you to root your device and we all know that it’s not a good thing for your device. But don’t worry you can install this diamond version of kinemaster without rooting your Android device.

No Ads

One of the irritating things that people don’t like is ads in any kind of video editor. Suppose you are editing an important video and suddenly a popup ad will come and you definitely hate it. Thus the diamond version of kinemaster is free of any kind of advertisement.

Social Share Enabled

This app has a feature that you can share your videos directly to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Once you create and edit your video using KineMaster diamond you can share it directly from kinemaster Diamond.

Add Custom Music and Sound to your Videos

Sound and Music

Sound and Music

Yes, this app allows you to add custom sound and music to your videos. You can record your own voice and attach it to any video easily as well as you can add music to any video.

Export Videos Fast

You can export high-quality videos like 4k, 2160p, and 30FPS very fast. So you don’t have to wait too much to get your video ready.

Built-in Camera

This video editor has a built-in camera. You can record your videos directly from the built-in camera of KineMaster Diamond and can edit the recorded video directly from Kinemaster.

Sticker and Emojis

This video has a large number of built-in Stickers and Emojis so using these stickers and emojis you can create a stylish video according to your choice.




You can add slow-motion effects to your videos. You can slow down fast clips easily

Combine Clips

You can combine different clips into one video also you can repeat the same clip many times in the video. This is a very useful feature for Youtubers.

Free To Use

This Kinemaster Diamond is totally free to use with all its premium features. As this is the modded version just like other kinemaster mods. Thus it will not restrict you from using any tool for free. Moreover you will get some additional features as well in the diamond version.

Instant Preview

You can instantly preview your videos after making changes to any video. So you don’t need to preview the video at the end. This feature will save much time for video editors


Kinemaster Assets

Kinemaster Assets

Kinemaster Diamond is one of the editors that is rich with assets and that is the only reason it’s being one of the liked video editors among android video editors across the world. It includes the assets like

  • Animation
  • Celebration
  • Cinematics
  • Grunge
  • Intro
  • Modern/Simple
  • Promotional etc

Image Formats

GIF(still image only)

Audio Formats


Export Video Formats

MP4 with H.264 + AAC LC (The H.264 profile depends on the device)

Some More Features

  • Precise frame-by-frame trimming
  • Hue, brightness, and saturation controls
  • Blur, mosaic, and other effects
  • Speed control for video clips
  • A variety of themes, animations, and visual and audio effects
  • Transition effects (3D transitions, wipes, fades, and more)

What’s New

  • The Latest version contains new themes
  • Brand new 16 voice changers are added.
  • Improvements to Magic Remover
  • More transitions are added
  • Updated to the latest version.
  • There is a new option added
  • This option is called the search template option.
  • A new way of finding video templates has been added.
  • After editing no need to save videos
  • Directly share to social media platforms.
  • Enjoy new changes and updates on 2023
  • Various UX changes are added in the latest version
  • So enjoy the new interface in the update.
  • More minor changes are to be expected in the upcoming update.


To install and run this version of kinemaster there are no special requirements are needed. You can install this version on any device. But there are some features that might not work on low-quality mobiles such as 4k video editing. To export video son 4k your device must support this format.




This is one of the modded versions of Kinemaster that has some extra features and themes like blue. Thus most people love the blue theme and they love to use the diamond version of Kinemaster. We have used this video editor and found that it is almost the same as the premium version of Kinemaster except for themes.

Why KineMaster Diamond

Why Kinemaster

Why Kinemaster

As we know kineMaster diamond is a top-rated video editor for Android users. Due to its large number of features, it’s now the choice of every video editor. So if you are a Youtuber then you can use this video editor to make any kind of video like Slideshows, Presentations, funny videos, news, etc. You can also use this video editor for making videos for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Tiktok.

What’s New In The Latest Version?

  • Updated to the latest version
  • Blue theme or screen
  • Multilayer editing
  • Now you can edit video and audio separately.
  • As usual, the watermark has been removed
  • Performance is improved
  • Manually tested the latest version
  • UI changed the color to blue
  • So the theme is blue now.
  • Export and import videos fast now
  • Direct sharing option to Social media
  • More tools have been added now in this version
  • We have added a helpful video tutorial for newbies
  • The app is now smoother to run on low-end devices
  • Great News! Mobapks has added new things on the latest version
  • So update kinemaster quickly.
  • The new year 2024 updates and changes are made in the latest version.
  • Please make sure to use the latest version for new updates.
  • Handwriting is improved now.




So I hope you will like this article and will love the amazing features of the Kinemaster diamond mentioned and explained above and will share this article with your friends so everyone can download the KineMaster Diamond Apk free of cost. In the new version of kinemaster, there are new features are added to provide more editing facilities to its users.


Q: How to Remove Kinemaster Watermark?

In order to remove the watermark of Kinemaster, you have to purchase the premium version of Kinemaster or you can download this version without the watermark from

Q:  Will the Diamond version support 4k video editing?

Yes, this version supports 4k video editing. But make sure that your device supports 4k video editing.

Q: Will this version work on IOS devices?

No, Currently this version is not available for IOS devices.

Q: How I can download the Diamond version of Kinemaster?

If you want to download this version for free you have to visit Here you will get this version free of cost and it is a 100% working version.