Reface Mod

There are now tons of photo editing apps available on the play store. These apps can enhance your photos. While some are there for professional editing and others are there for adding cool effects to your photos. The Reface Mod Apk has the same theory but it works for videos.

Reface Mod Apk

Reface Mod Apk

There was a time when the face app got so much fame because it could turn your photo into an older version of yourself. You could also turn yourself into a young person along with seeing what you would look like in the opposite gender.

The reface app does not change your face into anything else but it can do even funnier things. As this app works with the videos so it creates a deep fake of your face. The app has lots of videos of famous people from the movies, tv shows, music albums, etc.

Now what this app does is that it recognizes your face and then it replaces the face of the person in the video with your face. In this way, you can be in any video you want.

You can become a part of the famous marvel scenes or become a DC superhero. You can try it with your friend’s faces also in the Reface Mod Apk.

Additional Information

Size 32M
Current Version
Requires Android
5.1 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 1 January 2023
Category Video Editor
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The Reface Mod Apk is an app that puts your face on the face of the person in the video that you select. The app is very simple to use. All you need to do is to capture an image of your face using the app camera or upload your front-facing picture to the app.

After that, the app will detect your face and save it in your profile. When this is done you can swipe through all the available videos from all of the categories. The one that you like, you can select, and then your face will be added to the video.


Reface Mod Apk

Reface Mod Apk

Let’s talk about the amazing features of the Reface Mod Apk.

Face Detection

The first and main feature of the application is that it can detect your face at every angle in a very smart way. It has a strong and well-designed AI agent that can do that. This feature is very important as it makes the base for adding your face to the face of another person in the video.


This is the primary feature of the app which people use this app. In this feature after detecting your face, the app automatically searches for the face in the video and replaces it with your face. So if you chose a video with an iron man, you will have your face there instead of Robert Jr in the iron man suit.

Lots Of Videos

The application has a lot of videos from every category. You can get the famous movie scenes of Hollywood along with the major dance moves of the music albums. You can also get notable videos of some of the political leaders of the world.

Multiple Faces

With this feature, you can simply add multiple faces to your profile. It means that you can use different faces and make videos for your friends too. You can use their photos to make funny videos for them also.

Share On Social Media

With this video editor or tool you can create the most hilarious videos for any friend. Thus share your creativity on social media to amaze people. People gonna love it definitely.


If you want to have some fun then you need to check out this Reface Mod Apk. It is an amazing refacing app with the most advanced deep fake technology. With this app, you can easily have your face added to the most iconic movie scenes of all-time famous videos that are present on the internet.