Smooth Action Cam Mod

Smartphones now come with very high-definition cameras. You can shoot and capture anything in these devices on the go. You don’t need any extra cameras now for this purpose as mobile phones have all the things needed for that. To edit the things that you have shot on your phones, you have many applications for that reason also, so the Smooth Action Cam Mod Apk is one of them.

Smooth Action Cam Mod Apk

Smooth Action Cam Mod Apk

When you shoot a video or a photo on your phone, you need to edit it to make it more engaging and nice. There are a lot of editors available in the market for this reason. Each one of those is designed for its specific use and has a different function.

So the application that I am going to tell you about today is the Smooth Action Cam. This application can edit your videos and adjust the FPS of the videos. Unlike Tempo and Renderforest Video Editors. This is the primary function of the application along with many other video editing features.

The Smooth Action Cam mod Apk is for the people who don’t have the option of slo-mo on their phone. Also, this application is better than many other applications as the slo-mo that are made with this editor, does not lag and videos have a smooth transition, which many other editors lack.

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Varies with device
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Ratings 4+
Updated on 1 January 2023
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 Smooth Action

Smooth Action

So the videos have a thing called FPS. This FPS means, frames per second. This refers to the rate at which every single frame of the video is displayed in some certain time frame. Now, most mobile phones shoot in 30fps.

To make a slo-mo you have to increase the fps. Mostly if you chose the nearest fps to the 30fps then it is 60fps. This 30 to 60 has a very huge difference between them. So sometimes the smoothness of the video is compromised and the video starts to lag when its fps is increased.

Another thing to note here is that a higher fps means the video will be slow and a lower fps means that the video will be fast. So the Smooth Action Cam Mod Apk lets you adjust the fps of your videos with very much ease in both ways.

You can either make your videos fast or slow with this application. This application is an all-in-one video editor. It is suitable for those who don’t have a built-in fps adjusting feature in their phones.

This application is also better than many others in this way that while moving from one fps to another, it does not affect the smoothness of the video. You can also adjust the video quality of your video with this application.


Smooth Action Cam

Smooth Action Cam

The features of the Smooth Action Cam Mod Apk are given below.

Smooth Video

Most of the video editing applications that are used to adjust and edit the FPS of the videos do not perform their task up to the mark and the end video lags and does not run smoothly.

So as the name suggests, this application is capable of editing videos smoothly and after editing the video, it will not lag and will have the smoothest transitions.

Adjust FPS

If you want to make a slo-mo or a fast video, or want a mix of those to make a cool transitional video, you can do this by adjusting the fps of the videos. This feature is provided by the application.

Fish Eye Effect

You can also add a fisheye effect to your videos to make them cooler.  If you want more effects then you should go for Kinemaster Pro and Alight Motion Pro. These video editors are rich in effects.

Slow Down

Like every video editor, Smooth Action Cam also allows you to slow down part of the video or any clip. Moreover, you can slow down a complete video for Tiktok and other purposes.

What’s New?

  • Smooth Action Cam is updated to 1.6.7
  • Export in lower/higher FPS.

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This Smooth Action Cam Mod Apk is the smoothest video editor that you will find for smartphones. It has a lot of other features, like cutting, and trimming the videos and you can add sound effects to the videos also. So download this all-in-one video editing application now.