MB WhatsApp

WhatsApp needs no introduction. It is an app that is used by almost every person who has a smartphone. It is the first app that anyone would install after buying a smartphone. So why not have a modified version of this app. Yes, I am talking about MB WhatsApp.

MB WhatsApp

MB WhatsApp

The MB WhatsApp Apk as you may all know if you are here is a version of WhatsApp that has the theme of IOS. It has many other interesting features that I will talk about in a bit.

There are many things that you can not do in the default version of WhatsApp. You have limited options and limited privacy features. The UI and themes are not there in the default version.

So for that reason, I bring you a version of WhatsApp that has all of these things. You can have different themes numbering more than 1000 and you can customize each theme according to your own will.

Talking about what more this app can give you then with this app you do not need an external WhatsApp status to save as it is equipped with one of its own. So next time when you like the status of your friend, you can download it along with the caption without him knowing that you did this.

Additional Information

Version 9.40
Size 57 MB
Installs 10,000+
Required Android 4.4 and Up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 6 February 2023
Category Whatsapp
Get it on the Play Store Not Available



Don’t worry about the working mechanism of this MB WhatsApp. It has the same working principles. Hereafter creating your account you can select different themes. You can send messages and also reach the message just like the Instagram feature.

The tabs have been made separate according to the type, meaning the status and message tab were already separate but in this version, the group’s tab is now separate from the home message tab. You can also change the colors and positioning of these tabs in this app.


MB Whatsapp

MB Whatsapp

The features of MB WhatsApp are given below.

Auto Reply

The app has a feature where you can type an automated message and select the timing. Now in those times, if anyone messages you, they will get that automated message instantly. It is a sort of voicemail of WhatsApp but in a textual way.

Save Status

Now you don’t need to ask for status from your friends or have a status download app. This version of WhatsApp comes with a status saver and not only that you can copy the caption under that status. You can save status using AG Whatsapp as well.

Copy Picture Captions

In the default app, if someone sent you a picture with a caption, it was not possible to copy that caption. But with this app, you can copy the text written under the picture very easily.

IOS Theme

This app comes with the default themes of IOS. The emoji pack is also of IOS. But the app is not limited to this theme only. You can get a lot of other themes as well. It all depends upon what sort of theme you like.

Hide Typing And Recording

With this app, the next time when you are typing any message or recording any audio, the person on the other side of the chat will not see you typing or recording. You can hide those in the settings.

Message Unsaved Number

The hassle of saving the number first to message it is not more in this app. As you can directly enter the number whom you want to send a text and after that, you can directly send that person a text without having his number saved on your phone.

What’s New?

  • We have updated to the latest version 9.40

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So if anyone of you wants some more control over the app that he uses, then you need to download this MB WhatsApp. It has many more features that you can explore by yourself.