Conflict Of Nations Mod

The Conflict Of Nations Mod Apk is a war strategy game that is not like your ordinary war games of this time. Rather it deals with the mind and policymakers along with the other elements of the war games such as battles and wars with armies and weapons.

Game Overview

Conflict Of Nations Mod Apk

Conflict Of Nations Mod Apk

The game is all about relations among nations. In these times you don’t go out and declare a direct war on a nation. You make policies and build your influence on the other nations to control them. This is what the Conflict Of Nations Mod Apk is all about.

This modified version of the game gives you some additional perks as well. But the original gameplay has been kept intact. You have the freedom to either go big and declare a war on any nation you want. Fight with them, fire weapons and bombs and destroy them and gain control of them.

Or you can also make silent policies to influence other nations and take control of their resources and rule them from behind without causing chaos.

To start with you have the option of selecting your paying nation. You have the three biggest world factions to go with. The Americans or the west faction, the European faction, and the Asia or the eastern faction.

You can choose any of the above nations with which you want to go within this Conflict Of Nations Mod Apk and after that, your strategy will revolve around the nation and the faction that you will choose so choose the one that you think you can do better with.

Additional Information

Requires Android
6.0 and up
Size 94.81MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 27 December 2022
Category Games
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Conflict Of Nations Gameplay

Conflict Of Nations Mod Apk

Conflict Of Nations Mod Apk

The game is a learning type of game. This Conflict Of Nations Mod Apk will teach you the art of International Relations. You will know how to make policies for yourself that will ultimately affect other nations as well.

Any step you take towards your nation keep in mind that it will have an impact on the global level as well. So this also means that you’ll be dealing with things on a global level as well.

The weapons are also available with modern technology and means of war. So if you are someone who wants chaos, go for it. It’s your game and you are the ultimate decider of things.

Conflict Of Nations Features

Conflict Of Nations

Conflict Of Nations

The following are some of the amazing features that the Conflict Of Nations Mod Apk comes with. So let’s have a look at the ones that I have listed below.

Research And Craft Weapons

As the game is based in modern times so you can set up an R&D team that can research making different types of weapons for your army and once they do, you can craft them in your factories as well. This will increase your military power as well.

Start World War 3

In this game, if you want to make things messy and want to cause chaos, you can take some steps that will start world war 3. Yes, you’ll be the one to start this mighty war in the game. But make sure that you have the resources and the weapons to deal with the consequences as well.

Avoid A War

You can also play friendly as well through making such policies that can avoid war at any cost. You can set up peace in the world and avoid war when it comes.

Chose Your Nation

Another important and startling thing in this game is the selection of the nation to play with. There will be 3 major nations to choose from. The west, the Europeans, or the Eastern faction. You can choose freely from those.

Global Policies

As the game takes place at a global level, so don’t think you can isolate yourself from the rest of the world. The policies that you make will impact other nations as well. Your actions will have a global impact so keep this thing in mind to win.

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Making allies, making global policies, Interacting with the leaders of the different nations, and avoiding or causing a war are all the things on offer with this Conflict Of Nations Mod Apk. So if all these things fascinate you, try downloading this game right now.