Grow Turret Mod

There was a time when we used to play 2D games as there were no 3D games available. But after the arrival of the 3D games, they kicked out all the 2D games. But there are still some 2D games that are not only surviving in this era but also giving tough competition to the majority of the 3D games. And the Grow Turret Mod Apk is among those few games.

Game Overview

Grow Turret Mod Apk

Grow Turret Mod Apk

The Grow Turret Mod Apk is a tower defense game with the involvement of zombies in it. You have a tower to defend from the walking dead creatures.

And unlike other zombie games, this game is different. The zombies come in hordes and in numbers that you cant imagine. There is no survival but defense.

You have to kill these zombies with the help of turrets. Yes, these turrets, canon-like structures are the ones that are your main and only weapons in this game.

But don’t worry you’ll get tons of different turrets to fight with. All have different ranges, different types, and different shapes. And to carry these turrets on the battlefield you’ll need vehicles. And you can upgrade the vehicles and the turrets to their later levels to unlock their true powers and potential in the Grow Turret Mod Apk.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.4 and up
Size 30 MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 13 August 2022
Category Games
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Grow Turret Gameplay

Grow Turret Mod Apk

Grow Turret Mod Apk

You have towers in this game that you have to go construct at different places to fight the zombie hordes. These towers will be equipped with different types of turrets that will fire on the zombies in the Grow Turret Mod Apk.

You just have to tap on the turret to make it fire. Just install the turrets on the best places that can kill maximum zombies in fewer rounds to win more marches and gain more victories.

You see playing the game is very easy. All you have to do is to use your rounds and turns in an effective way to get more kills. Strategy and mind power are the key here.

Grow Turret Features

Grow Turret

Grow Turret

There are many features of the Grow Turret Mod Apk to discuss. Some of them are listed below.

Kill Zombie Hordes

If you like killing zombies and it gives you a thrill, then this game has to offer much more for you. You’ll not be killing one or two zombies but hordes of zombies having 100 of them at the same time with single attacks. So killing zombies at its peak as never seen before is here.

Craft More Turrets

The only weapons that you have in this game are the turrets. But they are of hundreds of types. You have the option to choose the pre-made ones for you. But if you like to experiment with things, then you have a crafting lab where you can always make your turrets having the properties that you like and want.

Unlock Cars And Upgrade Them

If you want your turrets to go into the battlefield you’ll need cars and lots of cars. You can unlock different types of carrier cars for your turrets and to make them more efficient you can upgrade them further.

Defend Your Tower

As the game is all about defending your tower from the attacks of zombies so this is all you will be involved in. You’ll deploy weapons and make strategies all for the sake of the towers that you have in the game.


This 2D game is giving tough competition to most 3D games these days. The Grow Turret Mod Apk is the game that you would want to okay in your free time anywhere as it requires no internet connection to play. So without wasting more time, you should hit the download button and download the game now. Go and kill some zombies.