Plants Vs Zombie Mod

You might have played a lot of zombie games in the past, but I bet that you haven’t seen a game like this before. This Plants Vs Zombie Mod Apk is a unique zombie fighting game, details of which I’ll be discussing in the below section.

Game Overview

Plants Vs Zombie Mod Apk

Plants Vs Zombie Mod Apk

In this Plants Vs Zombie Mod Apk game you have to fight with the zombies but the twist lies up-front Like Zero City. You just have to plant the trees and different plants and those plants will fight with the undead for you.

Confused right? Lets me tell you about the plot of the game so you understand it better. The zombies have taken over the city and they are attacking people and eating their brains. You play as the homeowner who has a garden. You know how to grow different special kinds of plants. So to defend yourself you need to grow different plants that will fight for you and eliminate those zombies.

There are all different sorts of plants that you can grow. These plants are in short your weapons and soldiers. The pea plants shoot peas at the zombies, while the potato plants act as grenade shooters and bombs for you.

The game seems simple to play like you just have to grow the plants, but growing plants is very difficult as different plants need different conditions for proper working, and believe me, finding those proper conditions is very hard here in the Plants Vs Zombie Mod Apk.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.4 and up
Downloads 100,000,000+
Size 87.5Mb
Ratings 4+
Updated on 22 October 2922
Category Games
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Plants Vs Zombie Gameplay

Plants Vs Zombie Mod Apk

Plants Vs Zombie Mod Apk

The game is about zombies and when you read anything regarding zombies fighting and killing is what you will assume. The same is the case here with the Plants Vs Zombie Mod Apk. But the only difference here is that you don’t need weapons to fight. All you need is plants. Yes, carnivore plants are there to fight for you.

There are different modes of this game. You can either play the whole story mode where you will plant different seeds and help grow them into different plants while fighting with the zombies or you can play in the survival mode where you have to kill as many zombies as possible and stay alive for as long as you can.

Plants Vs Zombie Features

Plants Vs Zombie

Plants Vs Zombie

The features of the Plant Vs Zombie Mod Apk are given in the below-mentioned section.

Use Plants As Weapons

In this game, you can use plants as your weapons. There are no guns or bombs for you to fight with the zombies. You only have plants that have different powers. You can use them to fight the zombies.

Fight And Kill The Zombies

As Plant Vs Zombie is a game related to the walking dead, so all you have to do is to fight the hordes of zombies and kill them. The more kills you get the more points you will get.

Different Types Of Plants To Grow

There are several different types of plants that you can grow and use to defend your garden. From the pea-firing ea plants to the bombs and head eaters carnivores, every type of deadly plant is there to fight and kill those zombies.

Favorable Conditions For Plants

The plants grow in their environments and perform better in the desired conditions. Some plants can fight in the dark and some can fight better in the daylight. So different maps and stages require you to use different plants smartly. So this all depends on the type of strategy that you make to make the most use of these plants.

Play The Zombie Story

The game’s most amazing mode is the story mode. Here you have to simulate a complete survival environment. From planting seeds, watering them, collecting resources, spending daily life, and killing the zombies all go side by side in this game mode. So be ready to dive into some real action and strategy game of zombies and plants.

What’s New?

  • Updated to the newest mod version.
  • Behind-the-scenes improvements
  • Coin Packs

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The Plants Vs Zombie Mod Apk is a game for all those people who are admirers of uniqueness. You will get all the essential help to get started. More unlimited money and gems have been already added to the modified version of the game.