Creative Destruction Mod

If you are a fan of Fortnite and played it on your consoles or PCs then today I will discuss a game same to that but this time this game is going to be for your mobile phones. The name of this game is the Creative Destruction Mod Apk and you can easily download it from the link provided in the download section.

Creative Destruction Mod Apk

Creative Destruction Mod Apk

So Creative Destruction is a sandbox-styled battle royale game. Yes, you get the combination of both of these genres in this single game of fighting. Here not only you can play with a variety of different weapons but you will also find yourself constructing and building different things to guard yourself against the attacks of your enemies.

In this game, you will be landed on the ground through a parachute and after that, you will have to survive along with 100 other players. This is a quest for survival and you have to do anything you can do to survive till the very end.

The man who is alive till the very end when every other player is being killed by another player wins the game. Now it is up to you in the Creative Destruction Mod Apk as to which strategy you want to go with, a defensive hide-and-seek one or an attacking approach of killing everyone all by yourself.

Additional Information

Requires Android
4.1 and up
Size 77MB
Ratings 4+
Updated on 17 October 2022
Category Games
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Creative Destruction Mod Apk

Creative Destruction Mod Apk

Developers have combined 2 of the most famous game modes here in the game. One is the battle royale same as the PUBG and FreeFire where you have to pick up weapons and fight for your survival and the other one is the sandbox style where you can build different things during your stay on the battlefield.

The graphics are very vibrant and of top quality and different sorts of characters with different super abilities are there for you. You can upgrade your characters and your weapons but you have to find them on the battlefield when you land there. This is what the battle royale games are all about.


Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction

Next in the article are some of the features of the Creative Destruction Mod Apk that you can check for a better understanding of the game.

Fast Healing System

As this is a modified version of the original game so you will be getting a fast healing system as a hack. Yes, when you are hit you need to heal quickly so that you can survive for a longer time. So this mod provides you with a fast healing system that will win you games.

Fast Construction System

Fortification can give you a place to hide or a place to rest while every other player is fighting for their survival. But you don’t get too much time in battle royale games. So making them quickly is the option, that this mod provides you. Your constructions will be very quick as compared to other players which will give you some advantage.

Plenty Of Amazing Weapons

How can one survive without having the aid of weapons as a battle royale shooting game this game brings tons of handy weapons for the players to enjoy. You have to pick them from the battlefield but you can level up your character to unlock more weapons which you will ultimately see on your screen during the battles.

In Game Role Switching

This game also lets you change or switch roles when you play it. Like you can switch roles inside the battlefield. For example, you can switch from a sniper to a close-range fighter during the battle royale gameplay on the field.


So this game with its mixture of 2 one of the most popular genres of mobile gaming is here to make you addicted to it. Do you have the skills and strategies to win the battles of the Creative Destruction Mod Apk? If yes then don’t shy away from downloading this amazing game.